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Against the odds

Tough, strange, bizarre even, are the words that come to mind when reflecting on those things that are seemingly put in our way and hindering us getting on with a normal life – whatever that is. However, surviving and thriving against the odds is what most people seem to do. For the Fenestration Industry it has led to a shake out and for the most part a shake out of the shaky.

For some the shake out is probably no bad thing, just a long time coming. The excuse may be laid at the feet of a virus but realistically the virus wasn’t around when most of the rot set in. The fallout, and it is fallout, is the bit that affects us all. Seemingly in tune with the irony and stupidity of the main-stream-media some have sort to engage in the ‘cancel culture’. In their version they have embraced the ‘cancel debt’ culture. What does that mean, it means that management gets to dump on others the bit they were paid to control but didn’t grasp ‘managing a company’ or more correctly the product of their miss management of a company – the debt.

In a rough crude calculation some £250million of debt has been handed to the industry in the last 6 months as a result of inept management and has been left for everyone else to pick up and pay down. While everyone in most companies have got their heads down, pushing hard re-thinking, adjusting and adapting to thrive, through the backdoor and sort of out of sight to the hard working side of the Fenestration Industry, a whole raft of new companies have appeared. Familiar names yes, but legally new. Add 2020 to the every day handle and no customer will notice. We can drop the extra bit later, just as we already do when answering the phone. This is called ‘Pre-Pack’, a mechanism that undermines the hard-working efforts of others.

There will be those Companies saying well it is not us, we have other things to get on with – so very very true. But the creepy bit, your suppliers have been caught and left short in the bank so need to make up the money somewhere, and who do you think is the supply side of their income? If that was not punishment enough some of these supply companies are more than happy in a misguided way to continue supplying the ‘pre-pack’ operation. The up and down of it is you get to pay down the debts of others and get undermined in the market place by those free of debt. Not part of it, not us, think again.

The message is beware of your supplier. Some Supply Companies have made it clear and declared openly they will not engage with Pre-Pack Companies. If your supply company hasn’t made that declaration the odds are you are paying more than you should and being punished by those you thought of as partners. As time goes on your company will suffer, lose business and be the scapegoat for others. It is easy to forget business is a dog-eat-dog activity, those with the biggest teeth get to feed off the small guy.

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