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A competitive advantage with Leka Systems

Conservatory roof innovators, Leka Systems has reported a significant upturn in demand for their roofing products which has resulted in a healthy pipeline of orders for their growing network of Leka approved fabricators and installers. Rhys Hoddinott, Director of Leka Systems, said: “The solid conservatory replacement roof market is an area that continues to see growth as more consumers seek to create and maximise year-round living spaces by upgrading their conservatory roof. The demand to upgrade was evident during the lockdown, fuelled I suspect by the great weather, and this growth represents a great opportunity for both fabricators and installers.”

The impressive range of Leka roof solutions covers all conservatory roof options and includes the patented lightweight Leka Warm roof which is perfect for retrofitting or new build conservatories. The company recently introduced its latest product, Roof Glass Units, which delivers a skylight solution and is another ideal upsell proposition. Rhys said: “Our commitment to innovation helps our customers be more competitive and increase their productivity. And the speed in which all our products are fitted, has never been more important to installers working in domestic homes at this time.”

The new Leka Roof Glass Units joins a family of innovative roofing solutions which includes Solid Roofs, Orangery Flat Roof kits and Modular building solutions.

Rhys concludes: “Innovation is at the heart of Leka Systems and is essential because it moves the market forward and provides a competitive edge for our customers. We have trained over 400 installers in the past few years to help them get up and running with Leka products quickly. We also know that many fabricators that choose to work with us see an uplift in sales of 10-15% in their first year. This ability to deliver a competitive advantage is why we are seeing a steady stream of enquiries from forward-thinking fabricators wanting to partner with us. If you’d like to be one of them, contact us today.”

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