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How do you defend Mugging

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Looking for the exit or seeking to leverage an advantage, can one route be effective for all, or does sometimes doing the opposite measure up. How did we get to this? Is it what the mainstream media is suggesting each day that is creating a new agenda for us to follow? That is certainly the option the Government appears to have taken.

This turmoil is only confusing for those that lack focus, those that will diligently follow others and forget reality. Understanding the mainstream media’s purpose helps, it is not all about starry eyed real investigative journalism as they would have you think. They are not there to expose wrong doing or as an upholder of some sort of moral code. The mainstream media is there to earn money, money for their shareholder which comes from creating exposure for their advertisers; everything else if it exists is incidental. The headlines, the soundbite if you like, are not about a real fact, it is there to grab your attention, get you to read on, the sole purpose is exposing you to their advertiser. It is the adverts that pay the writer’s wages and the shareholders dividends, nothing else.

Get into the story itself and the headline is qualified, subdued and pales through lack of real content. The job was done once the advertiser was exposed.

The only concern could be is the manipulation of a sector of society that believed the soundbite was some sort of truth.

Is the Fenestration Industry any different? Why should it be? For starters it will go nowhere without customers. The marketing of the product is about attracting attention, getting people to want to enquire, creating customers. For each individual company customers are ‘caused’, they don’t just turn up like a lost stray dog.

As always there is some discourse as to what constitutes ethical marketing. Is it the headline that is the concern or is it being pipped at the post by those quick out of the blocks. The mainstream media has shown us the lead here.

You can generalize this and categorize some companies further. One sector goes out and gets on with it, the other wants support and a crutch. The phrases bandied about are government help, government subsidies and government handouts. There are two elements to this, firstly as privately operated profit making enterprises they are asking for help to do their job they signed up for. Then they are suggesting Governments have money, in the UK they don’t, they have access to the taxpayers’ wallets that is all. In a nutshell this section of the industry is saying to the government can you please rob money from those that can’t afford my products and from those that have already bought my products, so as I can relax a bit and maintain my life style. That sounds absurd, because it is.

Then you get the sticky bit, the marketing. Those getting on with it know that with such a lot of competition they have to stand out, get recognized and create a call to action even before they get close to securing a deal. As with the mainstream media the headline doesn’t always follow through to be part of a contract. The Supermarkets have their buy 2 get 1 free, the Furniture Outlet with sale ends Sunday, so on and so on; these marketing tools are used because they work.

Those that kick against some of the ‘calls to action’ don’t even understand their own pricing structure and how to present it.

A substantial part of any product sale is the cost of installation, it soon become 50% of the overall price, even without the sales costs.

In interacting with a potential customer when it comes to pricing there is either a minimum order value or a sliding scale of discounts. A one unit installation in practical terms is a whole day consumed. So a single unit purchase is expensive for the customer and the company. These costs however balance out when the installation volume rises to 5-7 units at one time. From a business point of view and for the benefit of the consumer it makes sense to incentivize and achieve an economic balanced installation every time.

The question then goes on to become, should a company just produce a price with no back story, or dial in the price as part of its marketing story? If a company then tunes its marketing into the topic of the day, at the moment we have the Government’s ‘Green Deal’ initiatives and uses its own pricing structure to fund it, is that as morally repugnant as those demanding the Government mugs the poor taxpayer, who has no choice, but to fund their business and personal lifestyle?

It would seem to be in vogue to selfishly demand things from others, when the real question to be answered is what are you personally going to contribute.

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