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New head for Roto Western Europe

Francesc Gimeno

Roto Western Europe has a new divisional leader. Francesc Gimeno has been appointed to the role of Director of the Western Europe economic region on top of his current responsibilities for Southern Europe formed by France, Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal and Africa.

Meanwhile, his predecessor Mike Piqeur has moved within the Roto Group to become managing director of weatherseal specialists DEVENTER.

A member of Roto management for over 10 years, Francesc is a Spanish native and fluent in French, English and Italian. He will continue to be based in Barcelona.

“The Western Europe area is a really interesting market”, said Francesc. “There are nine countries in total, spread across three distinct market areas, with the Benelux region, Scandinavia, and the UK and Ireland. I’m very keen to grow Roto’s share in all these markets”.

“Of course it is still a difficult time in all these places with the virus situation, but we know that people still need homes and buildings, they still need windows and doors. At Roto we have the best products and the best expertise, so we have every reason to be positive about the future”, he said.

Mike Piqeur is enthusiastic about both his successor and his new role. "For Roto Western Europe, Francesc is the perfect choice", he said. "He is familiar with all facets of our industry and already has a proven track record as a senior Roto manager. He will be an excellent leader for the highly motivated and successful team at Western Europe".

“Meanwhile, I’m very excited to be heading up DEVENTER”, said Mike. “It’s a great opportunity to grow our customer base and take our weathersealing technology into new markets. Customers and partners who have known me during my time with Roto will have a chance to meet me again, just in a different role with different but equally impressive products”.

Francesc Gimeno can be found on LinkedIn. If your company does business with Roto, or if you are interested in doing so, please send him a connection request.

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