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As with most of the UK's industry, the good positive managers have treated the today's situation as one of those hiccups that need to be controlled, surmounted and moved on from. The way forward is akin to finding your usual route to the office blocked by road works. The choice is hang around and wait for them it to clear or accept the situation and just take a different route. It is still a choice.

A very small minority see the 'road ahead closed' as a trigger for them to stop, give-up and attempt to deflect blame. Is this road block really that much different from any other day to day situation that has to be overcome when running a business. A different magnitude for sure, then what is management is paid for.

There is always peripheral knock on from these situations. The already 'in-dire-need' failing company will use the situation to trigger their personal self-preservation exit and dump their miss-management debts on others - the pre-pack. The general effect on the industry is yet another 'road-block' created, the security of supply. It's the dance around a string of pitfalls and potholes caused by this inadequacy of others that the Industry now has to contend with. Supply costs will rise as the debts of others get loaded on the industry going forward. Supplies will become limited as the right economical price is chased down.

Business is a partnership, a partnership of mutual understanding and mutual benefit up and down the supply chain. For the Fenestration Industry it is the Consumer that is the only cash point. The Consumer, before agreeing to part with money, has to have confidence in the supply of the goods being met. In real terms this confidence comes from their first contact point and how the two parties interact, that then boils down to the simple situation of human nature and instinct of liking someone. They (the Consumer) trust this person to do the job promised and to ensure it is effectively achieved, they don’t see the partner chain, the support of those that enable the smooth delivery of this purchase.

This undertaking to deliver is also if you like a commitment to become the Consumers agent. They are tasked to coordinate the supply chain to ensure their promises are fulfilled. This can only be done when there is a security of supply. Done properly a supply chain coordinates their efforts as partners all recognizing the ultimate bill-payer. To use a well-worn meaningful phrase, a chain is only as good as its weakest link.

What we have called the Consumers agent(the installer company) has to ask are they happy with being taken for a ride by a supplier that is charging them extra money to replace the money they lost in recent pre-packs, especially if they then go on to supply the resurrected debtor. How strong would you consider that link in the chain? Are they partnering you or indulging in their own self-interest. Also needed to be asked, is a company supplied from a far flung despot nation a strong link? The supply chain is everything but the Consumer just sees the person that made the promise. That person can only go forward, achieve more business from the success they gain in meeting promises. All so obvious, but easy to make assumptions about and overlook.

Quite often it is said ‘if you buy cheap you pay for it twice’. Then time and time again we see this playout for real and according to script. The mistake is repeated and the lesson never learnt, is that because next time it will be better? The sad thing is people do gamble its human nature and then with irony in today’s world it is the fault of others and it’s those same others that get to pay.

All the logic points to, buy local, buy safe. For now the Consumer is also taking this idea onboard.

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