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Letter to the Editor Security of supply

Dear Ian

The sector is currently beginning to see company failures be it complete insolvency and the ‘death’ of the business, pre-packs with all that entails or ex owners/employees starting new ventures after a failure. We are I’m afraid going to see more of this and Security of Supply is an issue that those who trade in this sector should not ignore. Many pay attention to price and quality, ease of dealing and personal ‘fit’ from a supplier but the failure of a supplier can be a very costly problem for a customer, orders in progress get stalled, warranties are lost, time sourcing new supply and gaining your own customer’s acceptance of the change, maybe retooling or altering other processes, increased cost for an alternative you have sold on a cost plus basis and many other consequences are costly burdens just when no-one needs extra cost.

A focus on sales and efficiency is essential but a review of the supply chain that includes sustainability should also be on a business’s agenda right now, you can’t build houses without bricks (no matter how cheap the bricks you can’t get would have been !)


Chris Ball

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