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Fulfilling consumers needs will be more important than ever

Bison Frames, home to the Genesis Collection of windows and doors has seen a strong pipeline of orders since reopening the business in May, 2020. Marcus O’Boyle, Business Development & Marketing Manager at Bison Frames believes this immediate upturn is down to the changing needs of the consumer during the lockdown. He said: ”Spikes on Google searches have shown a surge in interest for home improvement products during the lockdown as many consumers have noticed where their home needs to be improved. They will have had time to research the options and while by no means all consumers will be in a position to invest in changes, those who can will want to invest in products that will a difference to the home.”

He continued: “My guess is that this means we are going to see a surge in interest in the feature-rich, highly crafted products that were already gaining traction before the lockdown. The standard white casement, sold on price, is really not going to cut it when it comes to enticing the consumer who is now actively seeking outlets that can offer niche window and door products.”

As Marcus points out, feature-rich, highly crafted products were proving popular before the lockdown and it’s something the Yorkshire-based company has witnessed in the growing interest for their Genesis Collection of windows and doors.

The Genesis Collection offers a PVC-U selection which includes the Genesis Vertical Slider and the Genesis Flush Sash Windows. Both have the option of mechanical joints or seamless Graf welds and features such as low sheen finishes so they look more authentic than standard PVC-U feature-rich windows. The windows offer outstanding levels of security and thermal efficiency and the Genesis Bifold Door and Genesis 24 Patio Door completes the collection offering similarly impressive features.

The aluminium selection includes the Genesis WarmCore Flush Sash Window, the Genesis WarmCore Bifold Door and the Genesis Warmcore Patio Door. All products offer the stunning aesthetics that only aluminium can deliver. And all benefit from WarmCore technology that means they are 25% more thermally efficient than standard aluminium systems.

As lockdown ends, the new normal is going to be a challenging time for the industry. It means there will be increased competition to win over the consumers who can invest by offering the stand-out products they seek and have the ability to sell items with strong USP’s. This approach will allow installers to attract these customers and most importantly, provide the added benefit of protecting margins. And products in the Genesis Collection will allow installers to do just that.

Bison Frames (UK) Limited

Founded in Barnsley in 2002, Bison Frames manufacture high-end PVC-U and aluminium windows and doors for the fenestration and building trades. They are uniquely positioned as offering a full suite of modern high-end products across all key product areas, including vertical sliders, flush sash casements and doors.

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