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Customising the exterior of a property

For many people, homes are a form of self-expression. The addition of abstract artwork or vintage ornaments can display personality and add character to a property. But as more new homes are being built, houses can look similar, encouraging homeowners to search for ways to give their home some pavement appeal. Here, Nick Cowley, managing director at PVC and composite windows and composite door manufacturer Euramax, explores three ways to customise a property.

More than 240,000 UK houses were built in 2019 — the largest number of builds in a single year in nearly 30 years. While new build properties have become a popular choice for first-time buyers, they are usually very similar in their design. For a homeowner living on a new build estate, customisation is key to making a home stand out from the rest.


According to research by TSB Bank, two in five homeowners would rather build an extension than move properties, and over a third would consider re-mortgaging their homes to afford to do so. In May 2019, Permitted Development Rights were subject to new regulations, meaning that homeowners are now able to improve and add value to their existing home through rear extensions without planning permission.

Extensions allow homeowners to improve and expand their living space to accommodate lifestyle changes, such as a growing family. Whether it’s a garage, kitchen or conservatory extension, extending a home is an effective way to add individuality to a property by creating an additional space to fit the homeowner’s needs, meaning that no two extensions will be the same.

Furthermore, there are more benefits of choosing to extend a home such as avoiding the stress of relocating, saving the money that would be spent on buying a new house and increasing the value of your current property.

Exterior finishes

The traditional aesthetic of brick makes it a desired material for many homes in the UK. However, brick is widely used in the construction of homes, which limits the individuality a property possesses. Changing or altering the exterior finish could make your property stand apart from the rest.

For example, cladding can be used to add a modern touch and can be applied to all or parts of the building. To make your property stand out, cladding can be added to specific parts of a building such as the front elevation. This can help to break up the appearance of the home by drawing attention to the front of the property. Additionally, cladding could be used to create a decorative façade to define the entrance to a property.

Laminate and PVCu cladding is available in a range of colours and finishes, which means it can be applied to many buildings to easily customise a property to meet personal preferences.

On the other hand, timber cladding is ideal for contemporary and period style properties, but it can also be used for contrast on a property if applied to a house with a light exterior colour. However, changes of this extent could require planning permission, so it’s important to check with the local council before making the addition to your home.

Windows and doors

At first thought, windows and doors might not seem like an obvious feature to consider for customising a property, but more homeowners are becoming aware of the potential that windows and doors have to change the appearance of a property. By changing the material, colour or finish of windows and doors, homeowners can dramatically enhance the appearance of a home.

Many traditional houses have been installed with wooden or white PVCu windows and doors, which could be switched for more stand-out features. Likewise, new build homes are fitted with PVCu windows, but there are options available to change the colour and finish. Euramax supplies a range of PVCu windows, doors and composite doors, available in four different colours that can be customised with Euramax’s made to measure service. This means that the size, colour and finish of the windows and doors can be designed to meet personal preferences.

Another way to personalise a home is to consider a ‘more glazing, less frame’ approach. Windows with minimal framing have become a popular design trend thanks to the ability to create light inside a home and the illusion of more space.

While many homeowners know how to customise the interior of their home, it can be easy to neglect adding your own stamp to your property’s exterior. By making alterations such as adding an extension, changing the finish or enhancing the windows and doors, homeowners can add individuality to any property and while meeting their own living needs.

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