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Breaking Ranks

I am one of those strange creatures I drag myself out of bed early each morning to go for a walk. This lasts for an hour or so, some call it exercise. The strange thing is it does clear one’s head and it does change perspective. Recently I have found at this moment in time the seasons seem a little confused and mixed up, the daffodils are in bloom, there are hedgerow banks full of primroses. Then in the woods there is a carpet of bluebells, the wild rhododendrons are in flower along with the chestnut trees in full blossom. A fabulous sight, but all at the same time - surely that’s not right.

Seemingly nature is mixed up, and then you look at life you see the same contradictions and confusion.

Take science, a fantastic subject that should feed your curiosity. Science is about discovering the facts; for that you test and test again until the answers are consistent - indisputable. Then when that is done, you expose your findings to your peers for them to dissect and replicate the results. Only then do you call the findings science, before that it is just lab tests. It is the result that is called science, a resilient fact.

What appears to be called ‘following the science’ by government and others is misplaced. No verifiable facts are ever in evidence; no peer reviews are undertaken, there is no definitive result offered. What we have is various proposals of ‘what if’s’ and then as each one falls flat - let’s try a different one. In essence they are talking about being at the test tube and petri dish stage, those vessels are replaced by us, you and me – we are the ‘lab rats’.

I am reminded of the desperate salesman that believes saying anything, promising the world, more in hope than serious intent is the way to win the 'Order'. They never last; they lose more than they gain by creating mistrust.

We use ‘facts’ so as to find direction. Is a death certificate that ‘mentions’ coronavirus without having a test or an autopsy to back it up considered scientific proof? Then when it is signed in the greater majority of cases by someone that does not know and hasn’t seen the deceased, is it a death from the virus, or just a guess? Yet each day with verbatim this type of logic is used to define a truism. The reverse logic, we are told we have a virus killing us, and according to the ONS there are a lot of deaths that ‘could’ be attributed to it (the virus) while at the same time confirming there is now considerably less death from heart attack, pneumonia and other conditions than is the norm for this time of the year. They make this pronouncement without analysis or offering evidence, it’s just based on the say so of people that couldn’t possibly have known.

This form of guestimate science helps no one least of all the country; we need to keep moving, progressing and get beyond this current situation. What is missed by those that suggest they are leaders is it is the man in the mirror that will rebuild and create the new norm and they are better equipped and will always do a better job, as they are closer to the action. When they get fed the truth they do an even better job, even quicker. Treat them as mushrooms and they act accordingly. The truth, as with common sense, is missing in this confused world.

If what we are told isn’t actually science, isn’t actually real and it is turning out to be just an opinion or spin do we just ignore it or blindly keep following this one sided view?

Government advice is that you shouldn’t go to work, yet MP’s travel to the House of Commons. You are also advised to self-distance, but the Police seem to be exempt. Those not on the public payroll get to sacrifice their income, while those funded by the taxpayer stay insulated and secure. Is it churlish to remind everyone their MP gets to enjoy a pay rise received on the 1st April along with increased expenses allowance. Not so much the money, but the message to those that are making the sacrifices. Conclusion would be we are not all in this together, it’s them and us. That’s how to signal to everyone about their position in this war.

Governments are charged with keeping their people safe and secure. That is not just against armed aggression, but it is to ensure the wealth and wellbeing of the nation is maintained. This current situation has shown that the UK has to be in a position to fend for its self when its friends and neighbours have to face similar situations. All too often recently the UK has been held hostage to the political games of others. We need to be self-sufficient in every area that we call normal.

It is easy to suggest with a backdrop being created where egos and vested interest want to dominate, with the rules and advice not applying to them, that they have created a bigger problem. There is bound to be a kickback and people start breaking ranks, going their own way – food on the table after all is quite important. In the Fenestration Industry the first to break cover will logically be those engaged in ‘Private Work’, then Direct Construction including Commercial/New Work, Conservatory Installations, Fascia & Cladding, Garage Doors replacements. The consumer looking for the right price will jump in and will be confident in people they know. Others will have to follow suit or find themselves disadvantaged going forward. That may not have been the plan, but it is the way people are being pushed.

It would suggest companies need to plan, use common sense in the protection of colleagues and those they may come in contact with. Make sure their formal protection is in line with their actions. Never forget as much as cooperation and coordination with others may seem to be on the cards, your organization is on its own. You could take comfort from the well paid secure authorities funded by the taxpayer suggesting you can go into debt to keep afloat ( presumably they mean the debt to pay their wages) is that what entrepreneurs signed up for? The cynicism and sarcasm was intentional.

“The only thing we have to Fear Is Fear itself:” FDR

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