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An industry re opening together have your say

Within a week of the Prime Minister’s public broadcast on March 23rd most of the glazing industry had locked down. It was important for the industry to act together, and sash window manufacturer Roseview Windows believes it will be just important to act together once again when re-opening.

However, that may be more difficult to organise.

According to Roseview director Mike Bygrave: “It will be to everyone’s benefit if, as an industry, we can all re-open at the same time. Installers, fabricators, glass and component suppliers, systems houses and all the associated trades and disciplines rely upon each other. As a fabricator there’s little point in re-opening if installers aren’t doing the same, but we can’t re-open if our suppliers don’t as well.”

To help companies make a more informed choice on when to re-open, Roseview have launched a short, anonymous, rolling survey, which simply whether are currently open, or if they have any plans to re-open yet.

“At this stage we expect most responses to be ‘don’t know’, and that’s fine - it’s useful to know.” Mike continues. “But what we really want is to monitor how the situation changes over the coming weeks. We want people to fill in the survey now, and then again in a week or so if their position has changed. That way we hope to highlight any movement towards re-opening. That should give others confidence to re-open themselves, and hopefully from there it will gain momentum.”

Roseview are asking anyone in the glazing industry to take the short survey at . In turn they have committed to making the full results available to everyone through their social media channels and on their website at, and to update those results as the situation changes.

results todate: Survey first edition

Roseview Windows

Roseview Windows are specialist manufacturers of uPVC sash windows.

Their product range comprises three models – Charisma Rose, Heritage Rose and Ultimate Rose – which together make up The Rose Collection. All have been designed to replicate timber sash window aesthetics while offering low maintenance and the enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation and security benefits of modern materials and manufacturing techniques.

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