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Glass and Glazing COVID 19 Meeting Outcomes

The inaugural Glass and Glazing COVID-19 meeting took place on Thursday 16 April. Facilitated by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and chaired by Ryan Green of Clayton Glass, it brought together business leaders representing the glazing industry supply chain.

The objective of the new group is to bring concerns around COVID-19 from the industry for constructive discussion and look at ways to help get back to work and recover quickly, when lockdown measures are lifted.

The first meeting highlighted the high levels of interdependence within the industry. To achieve a successful and efficient return for us all, it was agreed that we should keep talking and sharing experiences.

Some good ideas on how this could be achieved were brought forward and the industry will look to develop practical initiatives to make it happen. Chair of the meeting, Ryan Green says: “I found this first conversation very useful and balanced, and think a few good initiatives came out of it that have the potential to come to fruition in terms of a guidance document on the approach to install. It also stressed the amount of work and constructive discussions needed from the entire supply chain.”

Further meetings are planned over the coming weeks, to develop ideas and start putting these into practice.

The group comprises of fifty business leaders and aims to be open and inclusive, so will be reporting results of discussions to the industry and welcomes feedback, ideas and questions.

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