DOORCO revolutionises production with integrated barcoding

DOORCO integrates universal customer barcoding into its production, taking another step closer to the UK’s first JIT composite door supply chain.

“Using barcodes in manufacturing is nothing new but using a customer’s barcode in our facility is a revolutionary upgrade, delivering seamless integration between IT systems to increase speed and reduce delivery failure”, says Ben Aspinall, IT & Marketing Manager. “We have been trialling this project with customers, linking to their own internal manufacturing IT systems to produce the customer’s own unique barcodes. This basically means that when an order is received via electronic ordering, our system produces a customer specific barcode. It is applied to the packaging for manufacturing orders or to the slabs for distribution orders. Once the order arrives in the customer’s facility, it’s simply scanned-in at goods in and moves on through manufacturing, or if pre-prepped by DOORCO, on to join the rest of the customers’ order.

“The project has also resulted in various upgrades to the DOORCO ordering system. Moving away from the traditional boundaries of ‘distribution’ and ‘manufacturing’, our service has evolved into delivering a mix – for example, we support distribution only customers with colour, painting single doors or pallet loads and matching cassettes to order. We also support with prepping – one-off’s or volume management - and glass and glazing supply, whether that is packaged up glass and glazing cassettes, or glazing the doors for them, again assisting with volume, or more complex/bespoke orders such as Inox.

“The key to all of this is stock: DOORCO invests in and manages stock effectively to ensure we have what our customers need, available and ready when they need it. Customers now have the confidence to reduce their own stockholding and rely on DOORCO for the complete and seamless supply of everything they need for their composite doors. Not only does this free up valuable space in their own facility, they can also take advantage of our entire offering, be that slabs, colour, glass and glazing cassettes, without having to make huge investment.

“This initiative has transformed the supply chain for the customers we’ve trialled it with so we’re delighted to now be able to roll this out to our wider customer base (subject to software integration) – taking DOORCO one step closer to offering the UK’s first JIT composite door supply chain.”


DOORCO is the leading innovator in the composite door industry. It has a reputation for building the highest quality doors to match increasing industry demands, and boasts one of the widest ranges of door designs to appeal to both the commercial and retail sector.

With more than 1,000,000 composite doors manufactured and distributed in the last decade from its state of the art factory in Macclesfield, DOORCO is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing composite door manufacturers in the UK. Constant investment in product development ensures that new innovations are regularly brought to market.

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