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How long is a piece of string

For some time most Industries have adopted a ‘just-in-time’ approach which when accompanied with automation and streamlining, results in a very profitable stable drive to growth.

It would be reasonable now to suggest everything we thought we knew has just been flushed down the pan. These are unprecedented times requiring some left field creative thinking.

What we can all be sure of is that relying on the main-stream-media to point to a direction or even to know what is going on is pointless – they just don’t and can’t know. Likewise, Governments don’t and can’t know. There are no set in stone scenarios, as every day is different and brings new challenges. Those that suggest they are on top of it have had to back track the following day. It is not an exaggeration to suggest the world is at war, at war with an unseen enemy. The rules of engagement have yet to be defined; you might as well ask ‘how long is a piece of string’.

If there is such a thing as past experience, we know we can only win this war when a vaccine has been invented and everyone has been inoculated.

Yet life has to carry on, we need to maintain structures and wealth creation for society to flourish and rebuild. In a trade context the most important part after the safety of staff and partners is the contact with the customer base. That doesn’t take too much thinking about; if you are seen to show empathy and share insight with your customers you are instantly working with them. Ask yourself, is business done with those that work with you or those that forget you exist?

That then begs the question of how many in senior management have had contact with their largest let alone smallest customer in recent days. There is ‘lock-down’ and there is isolation. Lock-down isn’t a holiday it is just an obstacle that requires circumventing. In this context isolation is when you choose to shun those that pay your wages.

As others have suggested, we have telephones, we have online communications. Most Microsoft Office eco-system users have Skype and in a lot of instances Teams. IOS has its Facetime. Other online structures have come to the fore of late but are now proving to be less secure and are involved in aggressive data collection and sharing. In simple terms lack of communication should not be a barrier.

In retail terms remote on-line selling in this industry has been on offer for a very long time. I have always seen Phil Davis of Davis & Tate as the architect of perfecting and doing it well going back close on twenty years. However, after first glance even that is still not the answer to the situation - as that is not even the question. The real question to be answered is the installation – remotely, digitally…! Installation teams need access to people’s homes, without that the system stalls.

In business sharing can be seen as being naïve business by default about competition, being better, being first choice. There are however, just sometimes and probably the situation we find ourselves in today could just be one of them, that a sharing of ideas keeps the whole market a float.

Markets exist because of their constant profile and prodding of a need. Go quiet and the audience moves on to other pastures.

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