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Hodgson s expansive sealant range for professionals

Hodgson Sealants have spent much of the last 18 months expanding their range of sealants and solutions for professional window and door installers, along with sealant applicators. The family owned business is the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of sealants and related products, based in Beverly near Hull.

The popular Silfix range of premium silicone sealants has been expanded with the introduction of U7 which is a sanitary, high modulus, acetoxy cure silicone sealant and adhesive which possesses exceptional tooling properties. In addition Silfix U8 has been launched and it is a low modulus, neutral cure, solvent free, alkoxy silicone sealant. It provides excellent application characteristics and outstanding adhesion to a wide range of substrates used in the building envelope.

In addition to the development of new silicone sealants, Hodgson have also developed a range of next generation hybrid sealants in the form of HY-SPEC® 25, which among other impressive features is paintable. The recently released HY-SPEC® Ag brings anti-pick properties and an anti-microbial formulation in hybrid form.

Not a sealant as such, Foamfix, which is a PU expanding gun grade foam, along with a cleaner, was also launched at the back end of last year, as Hodgson Sealants’ thirst for product innovation continues.

It also something that remains high on the agenda for the sealant specialist as commercial director, Gary Thomas points out: ‘Our product launches have been carefully planned so that both professional installers and sealant applicators can buy into our UK manufactured products with the reassurance of having a complete range of products to hand. 2020 will also see us develop further new products as we look to become the sealant partner of choice for many different businesses and in different markets.’

For further information or to use the secure online shop please visit www.hodgsonsealants.com, call 01482 868321

Hodgson Sealants (Holdings) Ltd

Hodgson Sealants are the UK’s largest independent sealant manufacturer with a global reputation for product excellence and are now celebrating their 50th year in business. The company was founded by Peter Hodgson in 1968 and today is owned by the Hodgson family and managed by Charles Hodgson, carrying on the legacy.

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