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Is it just me Of course it is

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All messed up - or is it just things you thought you understood, are not quiet that. Vegan ‘Fish & Chips’, then you remember Vegan ‘Meat’ balls in a wrap. How does either of those descriptions square with the Trade Description Act? Would a Vegan know what either of them was in real life? Or is that a contradiction in its self.

Should you not question those that make a noise and their real motive? First Government, your government, your leaders, say you must drive diesel vehicles to save the Planet. Then your leaders say diesels pollute so taxes will have to rise to deter use. Government then said let’s get the taxpayer to subsidies ‘Hybrid’cars to save the planet. Then Government, said petrol, diesel and hybrid cars are all ‘ bad’ so they can no longer be sold in the UK. Government has convinced some that there is an alternative in battery powered cars, but that concept is also flawed. For starters the bulk of these are made in the most environmentally polluting factories on the planet, shipped to the end user using the most polluting form of transport. The result is creating new and ever increasing pollution, just so they can say they are on message and have tackled the climate crisis. Then as you get comfortable with that someone points out the raw material required for the batteries is in short supply, as in all the known reserves on the Planet aren’t enough to satisfy the needs of the UK on its own. To use batteries as a power source would logically therefore have to be rationed. Those that choose to rule in the end only gain comfort in outbidding those that would challenge, what they don’t have is a plan for the future of the people they purport to lead. .

Saving the Planet, from whom? Government pronouncements like these lose creditability. Moving what are said to be causes of climate damage from one part of this planet to another, doesn’t solve, it perpetuates. What is certain is advice from governments or self-proclaimed authoritative bodies will cripple the people financially.

‘Fear’ as a motive to sell a concept, comes over as creating a feeling of self-purpose for the seller.

It would appear the human psyche has an in-built follow my leader gene. This is good if you are a ‘Seller’, corral one customer and you get another.

Where these theories go wrong, is when it is the seller that follows a leader. Capitalising on trends is one thing, mimicking your competition, and then believing in them is even worse. You have handed over thought and control of your future instead of grasping it.

Selling becomes a bidding war when you follow. With fear it takes this a step further, gets ramped up further with each presentation so much so it loses credibility. As with government direction it is deeply flawed for any serious player in the market.

Then here we are, the Fenestration Industry, we present at trade shows to be amongst those we wish to follow. We go to competitor group seminars (group therapy) to have a chance to hang on to leading competitors’ words, as if they would be dumb enough to air anything meaningful. There is this bizarre idea that in hearing someone ‘talk’ has anything to do with anything other than the speaker. .

With all this going on, how come some companies are so far ahead, to the embarrassment of those in their wake? I would hazard a guess those out in front don’t think about competition, I doubt they even believe they have competition. What they do have is a focus, focus on their business, a handle on where it comes from and how to retain it. Yes, that comes from ‘talking’, talking to existing and potential customers. However, this is not ‘talking’ in the current vogue sense, which is a pointless silly catch phrase; it is a conversation, a proper conversation, one where the priority is to listen, listen to those they want to do business with - their customers. It’s a simple theory; you can’t supply answers, fulfill needs or aspirations unless you have first heard the question. To put it another way, a successful business is one whose main interest is with listening and actually hearing those that pay their wages. That is entirely different from a ‘talk’ by those whose aim is to take your business.

Having a good business isn’t difficult; it is not even blue sky thinking it is just very hard work. None of these are provided from having an interaction with a competitor.

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