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Room Comfort has never been so smart SIEGENIA at FENSTERBAU 2020

New solutions for smart living environments

The new AS 3600C automatic multi-point locking system will be on display at the SIEGENIA stand

Experience room comfort: At FENSTERBAU 2020 the SIEGENIA GROUP will be using domestic and business area exhibits to show that room comfort has never been so smart. In Hall 4, Stand 215, across approximately 1,000 square meters of stand space, the company will create living spaces that offer added value through intelligent solutions. Below are some of the highlights of the stand.

Smart Products

Concealed window monitoring system

One highlight of the show stand is the launch of senso secure. Smart security is a hot topic within the English market and we are sure we will become a market leader.

The new wireless window sensor, senso secure, offers smart security for windows: concealed in the window profile, it provides reliable information about the opening status of tilt & turn or casement windows. It is even the only solution on the market at the moment to detect when handles are left in the open position. The SIEGENIA Comfort app provides information about the open/closed status of elements, while also enabling the operation and control of SIEGENIA smart wall and window ventilators and of motorised drives for windows and doors. The senso secure has an integrated vibration sensor which is currently also unique in the industry. If it detects an attempt at manipulation, it responds with a loud warning tone directly at the window and at the same time triggers a deterrent alarm signal via the SIEGENIA Connect Box. Alarm messages can also be sent as a push notification to your smartphone. This ensures the highest level of smart security. The senso secure window sensor is also easy to fit. The simple, wireless installation makes it suitable for new builds and retrofitting as it can be attached to either the existing window profile or during production in just a few simple steps.

Room comfort through intelligent solutions

ECO PASS threshold for HS PORTAL lift & slide: now available in even more versions

Lift and slide doors are a growing trend, with more people clamouring for greater views of the outdoors uninterrupted by multiple frames. SIEGENIA continues to innovate in this area, as visitors to Fensterbau will be able to see with the ECO PASS threshold for HS PORTAL: the high-performance threshold for lifting and sliding doors, which combines energy efficiency with comfort, aesthetics and accessibility. The solution is suitable for burglar resistance up to PAS24 and therefore also takes into account the security needs of numerous types of end users. Fabricators are won over by ECO PASS with its time-saving and cost-effective installation and the possibility of a tailor-made complete package via the COMFORT UNIT; a recent introduction to the UK market. This comprises a complete door package containing precut hardware and preassembled sill. All that is required is the fabricator’s profile, so there is no waste material. The ECO PASS is now available for use with eight PVC system houses.

KFV AS3600C Auto Lock Development: Secure in all cases

SIEGENIA will also be presenting innovations in their KFV door lock range. Practical, safe, convenient: the new AS 3600C automatic multi-point locking system for apartment buildings offers all residents the option of leaving the building at any time - even with the door locked. The AS 3600C provides a remedy for the emergency operation issues that come with locked apartment doors, for instance in the case of a fire: With this technology, the handle is not blocked, so the door can be opened from the inside at any time without a key. Motorised opening is also possible in conjunction with the intercom system. The automatic locking of the door by operating the hooks and deadbolts ensures a clever combination of security and convenience during the closing process. A finger scanner, transponder or keypad can be specified ensuring convenient control via the SIEGENIA Comfort app. From a fabrication point of view, the new solution is appealing thanks to the use of the standard routing dimensions of the AS 3500 and AS 3600. Frequent use of special frame parts is also rendered completely unnecessary. The AS 3600C will be available from the summer.

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