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A new glass sealing process from Endurance

Always a company that invests in outstanding product performance, Endurance Doors have recently invested in a new glass sealing process to their solid timber core composite doors, which has had a positive effect on helping to eliminate customer concerns over water ingress.

Water ingress in composite doors has hampered the composite door sector in the past and it has been several years since Endurance incorporated a unique Moisture Barrier Systems (MBS) to the bottom of their door slabs. But the recent introduction of a new glass sealing process adds further credence to the claim that Endurance Doors have become the KingOfComposites.

The first stage in the glass sealing process involves the bonding of the two inner glazing cassettes and glass unit to the Endurance door slab, using the pre-inserted black double-sided tape. The new additional stage in this important process introduces the wet sealing of the external cassettes, with the application of a silicone bead to the inner and outer channels of the external cassette, before they are both pushed together on the slab, excess then wiped clean prior to being screwed together.

This additional application of silicone has had a positive effect on the number of customer concerns. All of the operational efforts over the last 18 months in terms of adopting a quality culture and this and other new processes, have seen customer product issues nearly completely eliminated.

Stephen Nadin, Managing Director of Endurance Doors commented: ‘With the recent heavy rainfall during the latter three months of the year, we’ve heard of a number of composite door installations that have been subject to water ingress to the foot of the door slab and also into the glazing cassettes. The results have been graphic and represent the risk of installing composite doors where manufacturers don’t take water ingress seriously.’

Endurance Doors

Endurance Doors is the brand name for Rocal, a group associated with solid and secure composite doors since 2002 and a true product pioneer. Recent testing has shown that these doors can resist the cut through test of the new PAS 24 standard with ease. Based in Brigg, North Lincolnshire, the company can also boast in-house facilities of tool making, extrusion and foil lamination within the Rocal Group, making for a stronger product development programme.

Their products boast CoolSkin technology, Rehau PVCu door frames and the use of recycled reinforcement. There are an impressive 16 door colours available inside and out, with 11 door frame colours and 39 different door designs in total. More recently the company has just launched the Classical Collection, which is inspired by traditional timber door designs and those of the Victorian and Georgian eras.

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