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Aperture Launches Warden Fire Doors

As the fire door market starts to gain momentum again, The Aperture Group has been busy getting its new fire door offering through the updated industry standards and is now pleased to announce the launch of its range of Warden Fire Doors – one of the most extensively tested ranges on the market.

Robin Baker, Managing Director of the core Aperture Business explains: “We understand the crucial role our products play in protecting residents once installed, which is why we have engineered our timber fire door range to hold full test 2018/19 reports. Our doors have been through a rigorous testing regime and now hold full Certifire third party accreditation.

“The Warden Fire Doors range has been developed to fully comply with EN:1634-1 and BS 476: Part 22 standards, but we haven’t stopped there. Our FD30S door sets have been engineered so that they don’t just perform to the expected 30-minute fire rating, but consistently exceed it. They have been fully furnace tested on both sides and fully smoke tested to European standards.

“Critically, we’ve also tested door sets with the viewer, letterplate and handle as standard – leaving no room for error on critical parts of the door that can often lead to failure. Customers have also highlighted to us their requirement for more glass options on fire doors, so we’ve successfully tested the doors with sidelight and decorative combinations too.

“Our Warden range of fire doors have been crafted with care by our dedicated fire door team, so follow stringent quality controls to make sure that each and every door leaving the factory achieves the highest standards. Each style utilises high-grade components, including graphite intumescent within the frame and on the door at critical points. Every single one of our fire doors is also given a unique trackable barcode allowing components and materials to be tracked back to their original source.

“Our industry has had to up the ante when it comes to fire doors to ensure we have products that are truly fit for purpose moving forward. We have taken this responsibility extremely seriously and by allocating a dedicated fire door team and going above and beyond with all of the tests carried out on our products, we’re confident the range of Warden Fire Doors will provide end users with the necessary protection and more.”

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