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Lower Operating Costs with JoTiKa Software

Get the most out of your business through software.

Jotika (Midlands) Software Ltd

The primary objective of Jotika is to lower operating costs by providing effective solutions through software. A solution is the process of solving a problem and this is what Jotika does best, whether the problem is providing a higher level of customer service through better control over the business and procedures, reducing material waste, or working effectively and efficiently within resource or space restrictions.

Jotika recently teamed up with MBA Associates, to approach the delivery of their software from a business needs and motivations perspective. Brian Gold MD explains:

“We want to be more to our customers than just a software provider. I invited Chris Ball from MBA Associates to work closely with my team, to give us a broader knowledge of business management practices, specifically for manufacture and even more specifically for glass manufacture. Chris ran a successful glass and window business for many years and works with some of the best in the industry. His approach to software improvement in business was refreshing and came with a lot of knowledge from other industries and history of lean manufacturing, Just in time, KANBAN and Kaisen methodologies.”

“Moving forward our team are now able to critically assess business and production needs in line with our offering. Greatly improving the end result for the customer.”

Chris Ball commented :-

“It’s been great to work with a highly engaged and knowledgeable team at JoTika who have the customer’s needs at heart, both our businesses share an ethical and value adding view of the business world . Understanding that software is a powerful tool that requires Top Performing Teams to get the best results and raising manufacturing skills and understanding helps JoTika achieve clients aims of reduced cost, increased throughput, right first time on time and greater customer satisfaction. In an increasingly competitive and price transparent market excellence is not optional.”

“We are looking forward to working with the team at JoTika going forward and being engaged with their exciting client journey.”

Jotika (Midlands) Software Ltd

Who we are: Jotika Software are the UK's leading developer of business and production control solutions for flat glass processing. By delivering a unique level of commitment and service, Jotika are building an expanding and loyal customer base. Services provided include design, implementation and support of industry specific and office automation software.

Our Experience: We have been developing glass software solutions for the flat glass processing industry for many years, recruiting experienced manufacturing consultants from within the industry. All our glass software products are designed and supported in house, by a team of software developers and customer service professionals.

Our History: For over 20 years, Jotika owner John Gold has played a significant role in the development of glass software technology for the UK & Ireland glass industry. Jotika pay close attention to customers' needs with a proud history of delivering exceptional results. In the process, our customers have benefited and continue to benefit from our software products through both good AND bad times.

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