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Predicting the future

We live in what could only be seen as strange times. The so-called Main Stream Media is at best contradictory and delusional, so much so I am reminded of an event some while back that was staged to sell products into the Fenestration Industry. The front man for the event was the self-styled consumer champion Nick Ross, his main sales pitch, paraphrasing, the Fenestration Industry is made up of ‘crooks and charlatans’ and the consumer needs protection from it. In essence, you guys in the audience whose money we want today are not to be trusted, the consumer doesn’t trust you, as you are the worst of the worst – so you must pay us for protection. I still question, what was he on, was he for real, or was it the Mafia moving in.

Out in the other Walter Mitty World that is politics we have similar delusional sales pitches. From one corner it is ‘Vote’ me into power as your representative and I will ‘Give’ you this. Then from another direction you get I will raise that offer and ‘Give’ you this plus more. This is a strange if not a bizarre sales tactic especially when they conveniently forget to mention the ‘this’ is your money they want to give away or give you back – as if you can’t use it more wisely yourself. Not to mention, for every successive bid they make, it means you have less in your wallet. At the rate they are spending our money we won’t be able to afford Christmas. At the same time, you are supposed to forget that at the last election these same individuals made similar promises in writing. Then what happened? Once the transaction was made, the contract entered into so to speak, it was broken, so much so it’s possible to suggest the majority of MP’s lied just to get ‘you’ to pay their wages and secure their personal future. What did you get from that contract? How would any one else get away with that attitude to a contract? And we all thought the ‘snake oil’ salesman had had its day.

This is not Sales as Sales people understand. The first part of any sale is to listen to the prospective customer, not just listen but hear and understand what the desire is. That is why the most powerful phrase a salesman has is ‘Tell Me’ and the most powerful part of any conversation is keeping quiet. In sales parlance that is why you have 2 ears and only 1 mouth, to hear twice as much. Positive trade between the parties is about matching and fulfilling a need, and in doing so creating a real benefit that leaves both parties in the transaction feeling rewarded.

In the current climate it could be reasoned that the biggest impediment to trade and growth is uncertainty. However, look around the industry, take note of the movers and shakers. There are a lot of companies making a big impression at the moment and some can be seen here on the pages of the Fenestration News. From that it becomes apparent how well the industry is doing and how out of touch the soothsayers are. The Industry is successful as it is ‘listening’. It is delivering on promises. It keeps exposing itself to opportunities, and that ideal causes growth. It is as if the Fenestration Industry is taking on board the phrase credited to Abraham Lincoln “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

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