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Smart Ready Heads to Europe with AluK

On the back of a hugely successful launch at the FIT Show earlier this year, Smart Ready® and certified technology partner Hug® Technology, are now heading to Europe to support AluK in November at Batimat, one of France’s biggest trade shows.

Giovanni Laporta, innovator behind the Smart Ready® concept comments: “We have been so busy working with early adopter fabricators and hardware companies since our launch at the FIT Show in May this year, that we originally didn’t have plans to take Smart Ready® into Europe just yet. However, when leading systems house AluK invited Smart Ready® to support their Smart programme at Batimat in November, we couldn’t refuse.

“Batimat France is a well-established, long running show that regularly attracts over 1200 exhibitors and 270,000 visitors from around the globe. Targeted at the construction sector and with a focus on showcasing innovations, Smart Ready® and AluK will have a strong proposition for visitors to the stand.

“Being Ready is the key message for smart technology now and for the foreseeable future and that’s the same in the UK as well as for Europe. Smart Ready® suits two types of people, the people not ready to make any big leap to smart today but still want to future proof the home with windows and doors that are ready for smart in the future, and people who are ready to be smart now. Smart Ready® certified products don’t ask homeowners to hand over their home security immediately – they focus on home security alarming, monitoring and reporting, rather than operational locking and unlocking – therefore providing a far more realistic way for more homeowners both in the UK and Europe, to become Smart eventually.

“Monitoring is also a particularly important element for the European market with monitoring on aspects such as air quality a key legislative concern in the continent. The Smart Ready® standard set out to work with quality focused and forward-thinking companies, promoting the right kind of Smart product. AluK is a prime example and we’re looking forward to supporting the company at this important trade show.”

Smart Ready
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