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Coastal Group launches Duratiquetm the world s only stainless steel antique hardware range

Door and window hardware specialist Coastal Group has launched the new DuraTiqueTM antique hardware range blending modern day performance with traditional styling.

The new DuraTiqueTM range – 2 years in development – has been made from stainless steel and designed to provide a solution to the age-old problem of rusting, corroded black antique hardware

The corrosion resistant stainless steel antique range features multipoint door lock handles, letter-plates, door-knockers, cylinder pulls, centre door knobs and hinges.

Available in four finishes, Textured Matt Black, Textured Pewter, Textured Dark Bronze and Textured Autumn Bronze, the range has been salt spray tested to Class 5. The DuraTiqueTM handles have been Cycle Tested to over 200,000 cycles and are double-sprung to give that nice solid, positive action when opening and closing the door.

Quality assurance includes a 25-year guarantee and CNC back plates to ensure accuracy and consistency when lining up and fitting the handles. They’re also assembled in-house within Coastal Group’s UK base to give you that extra peace of mind you’re receiving a quality piece of hardware.

“So many homeowners today still want the traditional looking hardware because it suits the design and style of their of their property. But with this traditional hardware comes traditional issues – namely – it’s highly likely to rust quickly and fail to operate properly in no time at all,” said Coastal Group MD Loren Jenner.

“That often means going back to site to replace poor performing iron hardware – wasting valuable time and money. So problematic is it that many manufacturers are reluctant to fit this type of hardware in the first place, as they know how quickly it’s likely to fail. It’s very nature, with inconsistent fixing points, make it difficult to use along with CNC machinery on assembly lines. With the DuraTiqueTM handles we’ve solved that issue and CNC machined the handle backplates to ensure consistency of screw holes and handle centres. You can use DuraTiqueTM Antique Hardware knowing you won’t have any issues in your production lines and that wherever your doors end up, that hardware isn’t going to fail.

“By fitting our new DuraTiqueTM Stainless Steel Antique Hardware you benefit from a range which just won’t corrode. It brings your doors durability, performance, consistency and quality in equal measure, backed up by a 25 year guarantee for added peace of mind.” added Loren.

To find out more information on the DuraTiqueTM Stainless Steel Antique Hardware range, request your brochure and sample swatch by contacting Coastal Group on or call 01726 871 025.

Coastal Group

The Coastal Group was launched in 2003. A highly experienced, family-run business operating across the UK and Europe, Coastal Group is a trade-only supplier of a wide range of joinery hardware solutions. Its dedicated approach to providing the latest solutions with customer care and quality are at the heart of everything it does, creating an unrivalled solution across every aspect of door and window hardware systems.

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