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Are your joints failing you

Handkerchief passing through an open ended butt joint

Alan Burgess, one of the innovators behind Timberweld®, shows the industry exactly what happens if butt joints (typically used on premium flush sashes) are open-ended with a video on www.timberweld.co.uk and @Timberweld. “Many mechanical butt joints are open-ended,” explains Alan, “allowing rainwater, draughts and even flies in! In our video, a handkerchief is passed through the open joint, showing just how big the gap can be. This isn’t what homeowners expect – especially as they pay more for details like butt joints that replicate the features found on timber originals.”

In recent years, the market for premium (or even upper middle) windows that mimic traditional timber details has exploded. Property-rich homeowners looking to make value-enhancing improvements want quality products that look polished and refined – and they will pay more for the look they love. “But windows must perform as well as they look,” adds Alan. “Timberweld, for example, is a patented method of jointing that makes perfect corners and creates a butt-joint effect on the outside and inside of a window. Fabricating windows or doors in this way means the corners are extremely strong and completely sealed.

“Our video highlights how important a perfect butt joint is. It may sound superficial, but when it comes to replacing windows and doors, today’s homeowners are obsessed with looks. Lots of companies can create a butt joint effect, but the Timberweld method of construction gives a perfect corner which is strong, draught/water-tight, and durable. Watch our video on www.timberweld.co.uk and see for yourself!”

Duchy Investments Ltd(Timberweld)

Timberweld® is a patented method of welding PVC-U frames which creates an authentic timber butt-joint effect – on both sides of the window, inside and out. Alan Burgess (who designed the UK’s first dedicated PVC-U box sash in 1984 and is credited with creating the PVC-U sliding sash market) and Masterframe Technical Director Ray Rabett, are the innovators behind the Timberweld technology.

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