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Case Study on 19m refurbishment of University Hospital Monklands in Airdrie

Client: Ecosse Doors

Project: Refurbishment of the intensive care unit and operating theatres at University Hospital Monklands, resulting in several specialist operating theatres and a bespoke recovery area for patients.

Total cost: £19m


Work to refurbish the operating theatres and expand the intensive care unit (ICU) at University Hospital Monklands began in December 2014 and included a series of much-needed projects to replace outdated clinical areas with ultra-modern facilities for patients in and around Lanarkshire.

The work for NHS Lanarkshire involved a complex 12-phase transformation programme to enhance the standard of care delivered to its 260,000 patients.

While work was ongoing, the acute hospital was renamed University Hospital Monklands to celebrate the partnership between NHS Lanarkshire, Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of the West of Scotland.

Formerly known as Monklands Hospital, it opened in 1977 and is a district general hospital with a 24-hour accident and emergency department. It has 411 inpatient beds and is home to Lanarkshire’s renal (kidney) unit – providing an unprecedented level of care for Lanarkshire patients. It also has ear, nose and throat (ENT), dermatology and communicable diseases units that care for patients from across Lanarkshire.


The project’s focus was to give the hospital’s 7 existing theatres an extensive refurbishment. At the same time, a new 10bed intensive care unit/high dependency unit was built.

A total of £19m was invested to undertake this refurbishment and upgrade work and this investment has resulted in a facility which is equipped to the highest standards; improving the provision of critical care and modernising healthcare delivery at University Hospital Monklands.

This development work ensures that all facilities in the hospital are able to support the ever-increasing levels of demand for specialist acute clinical care.

This was a challenging project, to upgrade the theatres and create a new ICU, while simultaneously ensuring that the theatres were operational and that services continued throughout the duration of the project.

University Hospital Monklands is the subject of ongoing investment through the NHS Lanarkshire Board to ensure that all facilities in the hospital are able to support the needs of patients and staff.

A huge workforce of skilled craftsmen was commissioned to undertake this major transformation, which was completed in November 2018.


Ecosse Doors, an industrial door supplier in Paisley, Scotland, manufactured all the theatre doors for the surgical departments inside the hospital. More than 100 Vistamatic privacy glass vision panels were supplied to Ecosse to achieve this.

Many of these doors utilised open/close vision screens, allowing hospital staff to observe patients without disturbing them.

The Vistamatic® panels were fitted at the Ecosse Doors factory and orders were then delivered to the project site, in conjunction with the 12 individual phases of construction.

These doors were specially created with patient safety and infection control in mind, able to cope with the rigorous cleaning regimes needed to prevent the spread of germs across the hospital.

For some areas of the hospital, doors were manufactured with lead lined frames for use where radiation is present, such as the x-ray departments. The Vistamatic panels supplied for these doors were comprised of Code 4 Lead Glass in order to prevent the spread of radiation. Black vinyl was also used, instead of the standard sandblast, to stop the X-ray laser penetrating the panel when the door is in the closed position.

Due to the size of this job, Vistamatic worked closely with Ecosse Doors to supply a steady flow of vision panels to the door manufacturer’s factory. From there, they were delivered to site as part of the lengthy hospital refurbishment.

Vistamatic vision panels are ideal in any hospital environment, providing numerous benefits for patients and visitors alike. They help to address issues concerning infection control, patient safety and security, as well as enabling modesty, dignity and privacy to be respected.

Archie McIntyre, Managing Director of Ecosse Doors, says: “This project was absolutely huge, and we were involved in all 12 phases of the hospital refurbishment.

“Once we had ordered the vision panels from Vistamatic, we manufactured the doors in our factory and then they were delivered in small quantities to the hospital site.

“When they arrived, a team of joinery contractors were responsible for the installations and it all went very smoothly.”

Archie says it was a pleasure to work with Vistamatic. “We serve the industrial, commercial, public and private sectors, and manufacture both internal and external timber doors and door sets.

“Over the years we’ve had several dealings with Vistamatic and we went back to them for the refurbishment project at the University Hospital Monklands.

“The product knowledge they provide is second to none and the specialist units, with lead glass and laser vinyl, are perfect for this kind of project.

“The renovation on site lasted more than 3 years and we were committed to delivering our products as part of the phased hospital rebuild.

“Everything worked really well, thanks to Vistamatic.”

Vistamatic Ltd(BetweenGlassBlinds™)

First developed in the early 1970’s VISTAMATIC® has been providing glazed secure vision panels to architects around the world for over 40 years. Each panel is made to specification by a production team with a combined 75 years of experience in the glass and glazing industry.

The VISTAMATIC® name is derived from two words “Vista” the Italian word for view and “Matic” an abbreviation of the word “Automatic” meaning instinctive, impulsive etc.

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