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Alimatic Architectural Aluminium Systems turns to Haffner Murat to improve manufacturing efficiencies

Alimatic Architectural Aluminium Systems, a successful and growing commercial aluminium fabricator in Braintree, Essex, has just invested in a new Spring S4 4 Axis Machining Centre, a TT405 Double Mitre Saw and a HP114 Corner Crimping Machine from Haffner Murat.

Sean Folley, Director at Alimatic said: “We’re a commercial fabricator so product quality and manufacturing efficiency are fundamental to our continued success. As we continue to grow, we needed to invest in further high-quality fabrication machinery to maintain the quality and turnaround time we’re known for. We turned to Haffner Murat as their machines offer excellent value and are made to the highest quality with reliability.”

Sean also praised the service his company received, in particular from Regional Sales Manager Bryan Dando. “Our relationship with Bryan is one of trust. His understanding of our company and his knowledge of the machinery market allowed us to choose the right machines for the business.”

Alimatic’s investment will give it the manufacturing efficiencies it was looking for, enabling it to meet growing demand without compromising on quality or efficiency.

The Spring S4 4 Axis Machining Centre is a 4-Axis CNC machining centre with moving portal, especially designed for milling, drilling, threading and cutting bars or work pieces made of aluminium, PVC, light alloys and steel.

The TT405 Double Mitre Saw automates profile cutting and has a solid cast construction to enable accurate length and angle cutting.

The HP114 Corner Crimping Machine uses a hydraulic operating system and hydraulic clamps to sustain high-pressure crimping and enable maximum profile stability.

Bryan said: “The aluminium market is seeing growth at the moment. Forward-thinking fabricators like Alimatic wanting to maintain momentum and take market advantage are investing in improving quality and efficiency. We enjoyed working with Alimatic and look forward to watching how their machinery investment fuels their growth.”

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