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Winkhaus new Keep range works with AV3 locks on more profiles

AV3 autoLocks, multi-point locking systems

Leading hardware specialist Winkhaus has expanded its F20 Keep range so that its popular AV3 and AV3 Heritage Plus autoLocks can now be used on Profile 22, Liniar and VEKA profiles

This means that a composite door using these profile systems can be fitted with the new centre keep, which has been tested to PAS24, allowing for full AV3 functionality, including the daytime latch.

Suitable for all market sectors, the AV3 autoLocks modern multi-point locking systems are designed for 21st century living. The daytime latch function is a key benefit, delivering added practicality for the end-user by allowing the door to be opened from the outside without a key when activated.

This facility is useful when instant access is needed over a short period of time, such as when unloading shopping bags.

The AV3 Heritage Plus also offers this temporary, flexible entry and exit without using a key along with a higher eye-level positioning in the door, making it ideal for use in traditional or contemporary door designs.

Commenting on the expanded F20 range, Mike Rushen, Winkhaus UK Sales Director said: “At Winkhaus, we pride ourselves on offering innovative products that respond to changing needs in the marketplace. The development of the F20 range to encompass more profile systems reflects our commitment to customer demand, as well as satisfying the requirements of end users.”

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