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Finesse celebrates 20 years of style and success

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The Finesse range of genuine solid pewter cabinet and door hardware is celebrating its 20th anniversary of being ‘Handmade in the UK’ this year as the award-winning brand continues to go from strength to strength.

During that time, Finesse has established an enviable reputation for style and quality, with industry leaders and designers in the UK and across the globe regularly choosing their products. Customers range from handmade kitchen designers and manufacturers, bespoke joinery companies, architects, builders and architectural showrooms, from small companies to multi-nationals.

From its modern 32,000 sq ft factory premises in County Durham, the Finesse range is manufactured using a blend of modern production techniques and processes, combined with a unique handcrafted finish, highlighting the natural beauty of pewter.

Utilising the very latest technology, from 3D printers to automatic casting machines, Finesse produces more than 200 unique ranges and are one of the largest UK companies casting pewter, using over 2 tonnes of metal each month.

Ian Smith, Design & Brand Manager at DJH Group, owners of Finesse, explains the origins of the brand:

“I trained as a silversmith for 5 years and gained my own hallmark when I was 16-years-old. I found that I had a passion for designing pewter door hardware and in 1998 I formed the Ocean Group company.

“In 2005 I sold the firm to DJH and together we launched the premium Finesse hardware brand, going on to set the benchmark for design and quality in the industry.

“We use only the finest lead-free pewter and each piece is made in our UK foundry using the most up-to-date methods, alongside some highly skilled hands.

“Pewter is an ideal material for the home. It has a distinctive warm, tactile feel and its natural finish doesn’t corrode, making it a robust yet environmentally-kind product. Because Finesse is solid pewter, every product is 100% recyclable, which is unique in our industry.”

In 2011, Finesse won the Architectural Fittings category at the Homebuilding & Renovating Product Excellence Awards, showcasing the very best of what UK firms have to offer, and recognising the unique manufacturing process and highly individual designs of the brand.

“The very highest quality has always been key to the success of Finesse and our products are made from 100% pewter,” says Ian. “Genuine solid pewter is an ageless, lustrous metal and is a world apart from cheaper alternatives, often described as pewter ‘finish’, ‘effect’ or ‘patina’. This usually means they’ve been coated or painted onto a cheap base metal.

“Our commitment to providing superior products has ensured the success of the Finesse range over the past 20 years – here’s to the next 20!”

DJH Group(Stonebridge Forge)
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