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This is one of those mess with your mind subjects. I ask about marketing because for most of the time it is not clear who the conversation is meant to be with.

When seeking to promote themselves, are companies reminding themselves what they do mainly for internal consumption or are they presenting a proposition to an existing customer base or is it to promote a concept to a wider audience.

In a Trade Media sense, it is generally understood that what is suggested as news (PR if you like) is actual collection of company B2B promotions.

You could go onto question what does a widely presented PR item depicting bunch of close buddies having a nice day out at a local club have to do with the wider audience who are looking for the next big thing to grow their own business. Some would say it shows what nice people we are, come and join us. Others would interpret it to be ‘not back at base again’, no one to answers those important questions.

Then there is the marketing of a brand. Is it just a name, a tag, or does it have defined purpose for a specific product? Is a brand promoted ahead of the company or is the brand to hide the company? That poses the further questions, do people buy a brand, a company, what something does or how does that benefit my business?

People recognize and treat the Hoover brand as a generic name for a vacuum cleaner. Good, bad, Hoover was always more than vacuum cleaners. Is there a cross-over, a trickledown effect or does it remain a one off and people still buy their Dysons.

The biggest marketing problem with a brand is that unless a massive amount of promotion is done to define its meaning and purpose in life it is still just a name for names sake.

There is also a tendency in marketing of follow the leader, assume, talk at and not to, prospective customers. The result for those that do not have a personal or ongoing relationship with 90% of the market place is that 90% of the market place still don’t know what they do or who they are. 90% of possible business is just flushed down the pan.

It all leads to, is marketing intended to create more business or confuse.

Are consumer facing trade companies looking to buy something that will create their next big USP, solve an immediate prospective client situation or just chummy up with a new supplier. That of course was the first, defining and only question.

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