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Garnalex gathers top team to innovate and grow fast in aluminium

Garner Aluminium Extrusions (Garnalex) is an innovative new aluminium systems company that’s reinventing the way aluminium windows and doors are fabricated, installed and sold. Garnalex aims to transform every aspect of the customer experience. The new venture from industry legend Roger Hartshorn is a team effort though.

“Aluminium is a great material,” explains Roger, “but residential window systems haven’t always lived up to the material. So, we’re on a journey to transform fabricators’ and installers’ experience of buying aluminium systems and aluminium windows, and make it easier and better to fabricate, install and sell. And it will be a beautiful window. So, we’ve assembled ‘probably’ the best, most experienced team there is in the market.”

Phil Parry joined Garnalex as Technical Director a year ago. Phil is an industry veteran, having worked at LB, then 10 years at Eurocell, and recently as Head of Research and Development at Synseal where he brought WarmCore to market. Phil is responsible for technical specification, testing and development of the Garnalex window and door systems which is coming in Q1 2020.

David Lennox, Operations Director, who joined at the start of 2019, gained his considerable experience at Eurocell, The Epwin Group and most recently HL Plastics.

Adrian Girling, ex-Business Micros and Total Glass, is Software Development Director, creating new software to work in conjunction with the new Garnalex system so it is easier than ever to fabricate high-quality windows and doors.

Emma Arrell, Finance Director, was previously Financial Director of the HL Plastics Group, which includes industry-leader Liniar.

Roger Hartshorn, CEO comments: “Some of the best brains in the industry are joining me on this aluminium journey. We are investing in the best machinery, the best people and facilities. Fabricators and installers will be glad to know that we also intend our service to be ‘PVC outstanding’ in performance. That’s not perhaps what they’re used to in the aluminium market. With the new state-of-the-art aluminium extrusion press installed, Garnalex aims to be supplying the trade extrusion market in October, and be launching two truly innovative, residential aluminium window systems at the end of Q1 2020. Fabricators and installers who’ve seen what we are creating say it’s aluminium – but not as you know it!”

“Fabricators and installers who want to see what they’ll be making and selling in 2020 can reserve their place on a Garnalex Ambassador Workshop which we’re running over the summer and autumn. They’ll have the opportunity to learn about the new systems and beautiful windows and be among the first to sell them at the end of Q1 next year.”

To book your Ambassador Workshop now, or find out more about Garnalex, please contact below

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