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Leka Systems launches consumer brochure

Leka Systems has launched a stunning new 36-page consumer brochure. Rhys Hoddinott, Managing Director of Leka Systems, said: “Our consumer brochure has been designed to support installers’ marketing activity and help them close more sales by showcasing the quality Leka roofing systems have to offer the consumer.”

The brochure uses high quality lifestyle imagery to full effect throughout, showing just how much a Leka rood product can enhance homeowners’ lifestyles.

It opens with information about Leka Systems and the research and development expertise that sits behind all Leka products.

The first product to be showcased is Leka’s Tiled Conservatory Roof. It explains its ability to create a year-round living space before looking at the design options that allow homeowners to create a perfectly tailored solution. The construction of a Leka Tiled Conservatory Roof is explained and the section closes by highlighting the exceptional thermal efficiency on offer.

The next section covers the Leka’s Orangery Flat Roof, highlighting its versatility and style for design-conscious homeowners. There’s information on the internal options that are available as well as an explanation of the fitting process.

The final product section of the brochure focuses on the latest addition to Leka’s range – the Xi Modular Wall & Base – and explains the benefits this warm, sustainable alternative to a traditional block or brick-built conservatory base or wall can deliver.

The brochure closes with further proof of Leka’s quality. There are testimonials from industry experts and satisfied homeowners followed by details of the certifications and regulations the systems hold.

Leka products have a reputation for selling themselves but this brochure gives installers an extra tool in their sales and marketing toolkit. Rhys concludes: “We believe in supporting our installers with quality products and quality service and support. This brochure gives our customers valuable marketing collateral as they seek to capitalise on the opportunities in the market.”

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