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Letter to the Editor on behalf of Simon Monks Managing Director at VBH

Dear Ian,

Air pollution is a global problem which affects almost everyone in the UK. And, while obviously some areas are worse than others, the idea that it’s only heavily industrialised areas which suffer is far from true. Air pollution affects everyone’s health, prospects and the fabric of our homes. We might like to think that when we get home and shut the door (and windows) we are safe, but air pollution gets inside buildings too - homes, schools, hospitals – and we can’t shut it out.

Pollution comes from many sources. As well as the obvious traffic fumes from burning fossil fuels there are many other causes of serious levels of pollution in rural and coastal areas too.

We’ve all seen examples of poorly designed and poorly protected hardware pitting, peeling, discolouring or flaking, aggravated or triggered by corrosive particles in the air.

Even seemingly ‘clean’ salt and moisture-laden air corrodes hardware. Anybody who lives near the coast is aware of the damaging effect salty, moist air has on fixtures and fittings. And that’s most of us. Nearly two thirds of us live within 10 miles of the coast, and over 90% live within 30 miles of the sea. [source Eurostat]

We’d all like air quality to improve – overnight if possible. But realistically, that won’t happen. So, in the meantime, VBH has designed and produced greenteQ hardware for the real world. The Coastline range is designed to cope with the worst sea air can do, and it works equally well near the most polluted city streets and high traffic areas. It’s made from hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant austenitic grade 304 stainless-steel, which comfortably withstands the worst conditions. Normal hardware does well to pass 240 hours and the best struggles to last in 480 hours salt spray testing, but VBH’s Coastline range is unaffected after more than 1,000 hours salt spray testing to BS EN ISO 9227. It suits doors of all styles and materials, including composite, PVC-U, timber and aluminium and comes with an impressive 25-year corrosion guarantee that’s designed to help installers reassure homeowners who need their hardware to look and feel good for decades to come.

Yours sincerely

Simon Monks
Managing Director, VBH (GB)

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