Brisant Secure

Brisant Secure and Salto collaborate to create Ultion Smart

Steve Stewart of Brisant Secure with Ramesh Gurdev of Salto Systems UK.

Ultion SMART will change how people lock their doors.

Ultion SMART combines the tried and tested Danalock technology by worldwide electronic access experts Salto, with Brisant’s 3 Star, Sold Secure Diamond lock, Ultion, the lock with a £1,000 homeowner guarantee. Brisant’s team integrated the pit-free edgeless design of their Sweet door handle, suited with letterplate, numerals and door knocker, to create a beautiful smart handle that works with all technology, looks great, is easy to fit and comes with maximum security accreditation.

Ultion SMART works with a Bluetooth app, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, SmartThings and importantly, it works with a key. You can lock or unlock your door using the app. Combining your phone’s GPS and Bluetooth you can have the door unlock for you when you arrive home without even touching your phone. Then when the door is closed it can be set to automatically lock itself. Or if you prefer, just saying ‘Alexa, lock the door’ is now something that gives instant Ultion protection.

And by combining the Sweet furniture range, not only is the external appearance completely unaffected with no external electronics, but it is the only suited electronic door handle system.

Installation to an existing door is as easy as it is to a new door, because the handle, 12v battery supply and electronics are part of a single unit – it takes only 2 minutes.

This is the SMART lock which the market has been waiting for. Pre-orders will be taken from the first day of the FIT Show on May 21st 2019, with deliveries in June.

To find out more please visit stands G25 and G27 and don’t forget to bring your smartphone.

Brisant Secure

Brisant Secure is led by cylinder lock expert CEO Steve Stewart. Steve designed Brisant’s range of innovative, premium quality, top performance cylinders, which have been widely accepted by the locksmith market and now making rapid in roads to the replacement door market. Having previously run ABS and designed Avocet’s ABS lock, many consider Steve the leading cylinder lock designer in the UK.

In an industry that relies on £3 Euro cylinders, standards and guidelines are complicated and often confused, so installers are misled as to the real security they are selling, and homeowners think they are more secure than they are. Brisant wants to change that.

Sold Secure Diamond testing has no rules. All cylinders are tested using any and all means known to breach cylinders. There is no time limit to how long a trained MLA locksmith can have to dissect the lock. If the lock breaks, it failed. If the lock isn’t breached by any attack, it is awarded Diamond status. Cylinders that have achieved this rating are truly the locks that lock.

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