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HEGLA s ecolam streamlines production at Kish Glass Ltd

Well known in Dublin as a glass processor and manufacturer, Kish Glass Ltd has recently made investments in HEGLA automation to diversify the range and streamline production methods. In order to optimize space and efficiency on the production floor a HEGLA EcoLam cutting table has been installed.

Originally launched in 1973 Kish Glass has seen a steady rise as a reliable, quality manufacturer of glass products for both commercial and domestic markets.

With a modern range of quality products the need for cutting laminate products became essential and in order to accommodate this growth senior management needed to simplify production methods.

Eamonn Marnell, Managing Director at Kish Glass was very familiar with the HEGLA engineering pedigree having other products from the company’s range installed that had proven their worth. He looked to evaluate the most appropriate equipment that would cater for an increase in demand and which could also meet and exceed expectations in terms of corporate developments.

HEGLA’s extensive understanding in respect of both the industry and the company’s requirements, along with the team’s ability to offer variable solutions, reinforced Kish Glass management’s position that the company was the right business partner to help the company achieve its potential moving forward.

Investment was made in the HEGLA EcoLam system which now enables the company to deliver a broader product range in a considerably shorter timescale.

For Kish Glass management it is vital to be able to produce units of real quality that will conform to both current and any new industry standards that could take effect. With an eye on customer guarantees, it was imperative to invest in machinery with a proven track record.

Technically, the EcoLam cutting table now allows the company to cut a more varied range of glass types. Easy to use with semi-automatic processes this system makes an ideal quality solution for professional laminated glass cutting. The system automatically handles the cutting, breaking and separation functions, to guarantee optimum results.

Eamonn Marnell believes that it is essential to minimize material waste while still ensuring that products are made efficiently and to the highest standards.

Another advantage of the EcoLam cutting system includes greater safety and all orders are now synchronized with the cutting table instructions via the cutting code.

The seamless installation of the HEGLA equipment has not disappointed with the after sales care available from the team considered second to none. For Eamonn Marnell this installation has removed a lot of heavy duty work and simplified production methods enormously.

Eamonn Marnell comments “Both the HEGLA machinery and the support received have been excellent. Any queries we had regarding the system were immediately resolved and we are very impressed with the HEGLA work ethic. Capacity has increased considerably and we have the potential to further grow the business when the time is right.”

Steve Goble, Managing Director HEGLA UK Ltd comments, “As a longstanding HEGLA customer, it is always good to work with Kish Glass and see the results first hand.

As discussions and the project developed it was felt that a new EcoLam machine would be of greater benefit to the company to help diversify the range and improve efficiency. We proved on paper that we could offer a more efficient production line which has subsequently proved itself after installation.”

For more information on the benefits of the HEGLA EcoLam and other automated machinery products from the range please call 01908 261933

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