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WindowMaster presents new 230 V chain drives WMU 952 and WMU 982

WindowMaster is expanding its product portfolio in the field of window actuators with two more powerful, medium chain models. Their power supply is 230V. With the new additions, the company is reacting to the trend towards increasingly large windows in the façade and roof areas. For example, the new WMU 952 and WMU 982 chain drives are ideal for automatically opening generously-sized windows.

In the field of roof and façade architecture, ever larger window formats are used. For natural ventilation, therefore, increasingly powerful drives are required, which also open and close reliably.

With the new 230V AC WMU 982 chain drive from WindowMaster, architects and planners have a solution that can also be used with window widths of up to 1.40 meters. The size of the window, however, also depends on other factors such as weight, opening type, window type and glass thickness.

This makes the chain drive particularly suitable for motorizing high-placed, heavy windows in industrial applications. WMU 982 is currently one of the most powerful window actuators on the market. The chain drive has a compressive force of up to 800 Newtons. In practice, this means that it can move up to 80 kilograms. Accordingly, larger windows can be effortlessly opened and closed, improving the overall natural ventilation strategy in the building.

The system is also capable of applying a compressive force of up to 1000 Newtons, which is a benefit if snow loads require more force.

For medium-sized windows, the company also offers the 230V AC WMU 952 chain drive. This has a lower compressive force of 500 Newton compared to the WMU 982 model. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for medium-sized windows that a small chain actuator can no longer handle. Thus, the new additions to the WindowMaster portfolio solve two current challenges in the market.

Easy and fast

The installation of the window actuators is straightforward because they are top mounted. Both actuators can, therefore, be easily combined with window types such as tilting, folding, turning, and attic windows. Since it can be used on existing electrical lines, and the window drives are operated via a 230 volt AC installation, the connection is also unproblematic. In addition, the seal protection function relieves pressure after every closure of the window. This ensures airtightness and at the same time extends the life of the window seals.

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