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More Haffner Murat machines installed at Just Trade Windows

The team at Just Trade Windows have been so delighted with the quality and reliability of Haffner Murat machinery that the company has invested in a further three new machines.

Frank Steel, Director at Just Trade Windows explains: “We first approached Haffner Murat just over twelve months ago and purchased a two headed welder. The quality and efficiency of that machine, coupled with Haffner Murat’s attention to customer service was superb which resulted in us approaching them again. As a result, we have purchased several new machines including their SMR-4 welder.”

Haffner Murat’s popular SMR-4 welder has been billed as the fastest and most accurate in-line welder on the market today. Frank agrees with this statement wholeheartedly and said: “This machine does everything that the marketing material suggests. We have been genuinely impressed with the reliability, alignment, accuracy and overall quality the machine delivers. Haffner Murat have thought of everything: From the quality of the product output, the ease of operation and the various safety elements for operator protection. It is a well-designed machine.”

The SMR-4 welder purchase from Just Trade Windows has come hot on the heels of other machinery investments in Haffner Murat machines. These machines include a single head welder and the TT405 computerised saw. Frank said: “Our business has been built on a reputation for quality and reliability and our machinery partner needed to reflect this value. We worked closely with Matt Thomas, Regional Sales Manager at Haffner Murat. His expertise and advice was superb and we trusted his approach. We have not been disappointed.”

Continued investment in machinery suggests a growing, successful business and that’s exactly what Just Trade Windows is. Established in 2003, the Sheffield-based company manufactures a compressive range of PVC-u products for the trade and domestic markets and pride themselves on their work quality and service.

Repeat custom is always the best form of endorsement and Just Trade Windows relationship with Haffner Murat demonstrates this perfectly.

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