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Liniar Achieves NPS Excellence

Recently, industry-leading systems house Liniar took customer engagement to another level and ensured the team keeps customers at the heart of everything they do by sending out a Net Promoter Score survey to over 300 of their fabricators.

First mentioned in the Harvard Business Review in 2003, a Net Promoter Score determines a customer's loyalty to a brand and gauges their overall satisfaction with that brand's products or services. A business' score is incredibly valuable - as is the feedback received from customers in the process of determining the NPS.

We live in a technological age, where the internet is rife with websites where customers can review businesses and social media platforms have become the most popular space to post grievances about a company. Word of mouth is no longer speaking to your neighbour over the fence, but sharing your feelings with the masses on a public forum. Knowing how your customers feel before something negative goes on social media is essential - and that's why an NPS is so important.

Throughout January and February, Liniar sent their survey to customers, and the results they received were not only unexpected but also proves that they've been doing the right thing, keeping customers at the heart of everything they do.

When globally loved companies like Apple and John Lewis have Net Promoter Scores under 50, Liniar never expected for their score to be nearly 'world class' at 69!

An NPS can be anywhere from -100 to +100, with anything over 0 considered a great score. In the UK B2B construction industry, average scores fall between +5 and +20, with the top providers achieving 40 plus. On a global scale, anything over 50 is considered ‘Excellent’ and scores over 70 are ‘World Class’.

While Liniar's score isn't perfect quite yet, it has provided a benchmark for continuous improvement and will now be carried out annually. The brand has also learned a lot of useful input by giving its customers the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback on every part of the business from deliveries and order processing to design and development. Customers also had the opportunity to submit their contact details if they wanted to speak with someone about their feedback.

One of the most positive elements to come out of Liniar's NPS survey was that 93% of their customers consider them easy to work with - an excellent result.

The biggest lesson is to be proactive! Don't wait for customers to go to social media to tell you how they feel. Instead of waiting for third party information, why not ask your customers how they feel and make adjustments to your business based on their needs and wants?

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Liniar Limited

In 2015, Liniar was purchased by New York Stock Exchange-listed Quanex Building Products. The search took several years in order to find the right company to continue to invest in the business, with Quanex deemed the perfect fit.

It was important that everything remained ‘business as usual’ – to staff and to customers and key stakeholders – in order to allow the company to maintain its flat structure and family feel, whilst also continuing to maintain the excellent quality and customer service the company was renowned for.

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