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Modplan s manufacturing expansion reflects its commitment to its customers

Leading trade VEKA fabricator Modplan has further expanded its production facility with the installation of a new 12,000 sqft mezzanine floor at its Newport, Gwent headquarters. The additional production space will be utilised for the manufacture of its LEKA roofing products and will allow Modplan to further improve its manufacturing efficiencies for this rapidly growing product range.

The latest expansion takes Modplan’s total manufacturing space to 137,000 sqft. This expansion is testament to Modplan’s continuing success and, in this case, the increase in demand for their LEKA roof products. Neil Gater, Modplan’s Communications Manager, said: “We were the first fabricator to offer the LEKA roofing systems and we have seen continued growth year-on-year for the product. As such, we felt we needed a dedicated LEKA fabrication factory to ensure we could further improve efficiencies and turnaround times to our customers. The new LEKA production facility will be completed by mid February.”

Modplan manufactures both the LEKA Warm Roof and LEKA Orangery products. The LEKA roof range delivers U values of just 0.15 W/m²K which has made them a popular choice for homeowners. At the same time, they are up to 40% lighter than other replacement roof solutions and typically weigh within 30-40kg of a traditional glass conservatory roof. They are quick and easy to install which makes them a popular choice for installers too.

Neil said: “It is very important to us that our customer experience is excellent. This new expansion will allow us to continue offering an outstanding level of service for our LEKA roof products as well as give us room to expand as our business continues to grow.”

Production expansion is always noteworthy, but Modplan’s level of quality makes them a reassuring partner for any installer, something that is reflected in their rapidly growing business.

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