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Continued growth for Exlabesa s ECW 50 curtain walling system

Exlabesa Building Systems’ ECW 50 curtain walling system continues to deliver on all levels with a 20% year of year growth being achieved. Paul Benn, Exlabesa Building Systems’ General Manager, comments: “Our ECW-50 curtain walling system is recognised as an ideal choice on a wide variety of commercial building projects. It has an intelligent design that makes it simple and cost effective to manufacture and install and its 50mm profile widths offer slim sightlines that maximise the glazed area.”

As customers are finding out, the ECW 50 curtain walling system has all the hallmarks of an intelligently designed system that has been designed to add value to fabricators’ and installers’ businesses.

There is a choice of depths for structural members, mullion sizes of up to 220mm and transom sizes of up to 195mm. Internal reinforcing bars are available where bigger spans are needed, plus a range of structural add-ons, while a range of external caps give different finishing options. It has 28mm glazing as standard but can accommodate glazing of up to 46mm for projects where thermal efficiency is paramount. And for customers fitting the system into shopfront applications, the system allows up to 12mm single glazing which is often a requirement of such projects. Where a total project solution is needed, the system can be easily integrated with Exlabesa Building Systems’ KWS window systems and KSF and KTS commercial door systems. The system is quick and easy to install, thanks to the unique gasket design that makes glazing simple.

The ECW 50 system has all the credentials specifiers are looking for. It is a thermally broken system so it meets and exceeds current building regulations for thermal efficiency. The system is fabricated using high quality European components and is tested to CWCT and UNE EN 13830:2016 standards for weather resistance, safety in use, energy efficiency and heat retention.

Companies choosing the ECW 50 not only benefit from a stunningly impressive curtain walling system, they also benefit from the expertise, quality and cost effectiveness of one of the UK’s most experienced aluminium systems companies.

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