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A Positive Start To 2019 For Contech Conservatories

Contech Conservatory Roofing saw a steady and positive year throughout 2018 with a focus placed on customer satisfaction. The range has diversified and been expanded to ensure there is a broad choice of roofing and trade frame products for domestic and commercial projects.

Customers have come to reply upon the highest standards of integrity and business support from the Contech team, with technical advice and POS material all readily available on request at no extra charge.

Strategic thinking, business insight and new ways to inspire consumers to invest will continue to be a big part of the company’s development programme throughout 2019 and beyond.

Introducing market leading solutions that will help customers improve their business potential is at the heart of the family-owned business. For this reason investments have been made in modern new machinery for the fabrication division to ensure that only the highest quality products are manufac-tured and delivered.

Investment in transport and delivery services has also greatly helped the Contech team meet cus-tomers deadlines, whatever the weather, with increased delivery runs made and larger delivery routes now made.

Introducing new products into the range has helped customers gain ground in the domestic market with the Atlas Flat Roof and Sky Light Vista proving very popular additions this year. Adding more space and value continues to be a focus for consumers when they make decisions regarding their home, as design becomes more dynamic and this remains a priority for the company.

Upholding customer’s trust in Contech Conservatories and maintaining the integrity of the business will always remain a key focus, confirming the company’s commitment to quality and efficient de-livery.

Gareth Jones, Director, comments“We will always strive for the highest levels of professionalism and quality standards. Adapting to market trends is a continuing focus and collaborating with cus-tomers to ensure that we provide the right products at the right price will remain key to this busi-ness.”

“The new developments we have launched have received a very positive response from customers and we will continue to introduce new initiatives as we move forward to help support them. Tailor-ing solutions such as coloured foils and building up our roofing orders before delivery gives cus-tomers complete confidence in the support that is provided by this business.”

“Whilst economic changes could be on the horizon, the Contech Conservatories team is here and ready to face industry challenges as they appear, to ensure customers have what they need to move forward. Defining and redefining good business opportunities remains at the heart of the whole team.”

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