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Haffner Murat s team expands

Dave Thomas, managing director

Fabrication machinery expert Haffner Murat Ltd has announced it will have three new members of staff joining the company in early 2019. Dave Thomas, Managing Director of Haffner Murat, commented: “I’m delighted to be expanding the team to meet growing demand. It shows the importance of our machinery range to the window fabrication industry.”

The appointments are for a regional manager and two engineers. It means Haffner Murat will enter 2019 with four salesmen, six engineers, two apprentice engineers, a service manager and a customer service administrator. Dave said: “Automation is a critical part of many fabrication businesses these days. Our team is big enough to be able to respond rapidly to new enquiries and deliver impeccable service standards to our maintenance contract customers. It gives people the peace of mind they need.”

The new appointments mark the start of a big year for Haffner Murat. By June 2019, the company will have doubled the size of its Staffordshire headquarters to improve efficiency and offer a quicker turnaround to its growing customer base.

The company is also extending its industry-leading machinery ranges. Haffner Murat are continuing to set the benchmark for the value automation is able to deliver.

Haffner Murat has built its reputation on offering high quality, cost effective PVC-U and aluminium fabrication machinery. The team is also renowned for an exceptional level of understanding of the window industry and a commitment to supporting its customers to maximise the value of what automation has to offer. It’s a package that has seen the company go from strength to strength. And it’s something that’s evident in the expansion of both the headcount and the headquarters.

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