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Dear Ian,

The flush sash market is growing rapidly, and research among fabricators indicates that it’s forecast to grow from an attractive niche to a mainstream window. But, if fabricators want to supply this growth market they need an economic way to make flush windows at scale.

It’s growing fast because homeowners love minimal maintenance and windows which look wooden, even on the joints.

For many years there was virtually only one way to make PVC-U windows – that’s with 45º corner welds - but fabricators have several timber-alternative options now, windows with mechanical joints, ones with a half joint or full timber look on both sides.

However, mechanical butt-joints tend to be open-ended, allowing rainwater, draughts and even flies in. Timberweld® - the patented technology developed specifically for timber-look windows – uses a different method of corner construction, so the corners are extremely strong and completely sealed.

Most flush sash windows are also foiled – it’s part of the appeal – with popular greys and dark colours so joint strength is critically important, especially in a warming climate. Darker colours absorb more heat which makes the profiles expand more, and if the joints aren’t strong they won’t last.

If fabricators are happy with hand built mechanically-jointed flush sash windows, then they are likely to find this market unprofitable despite increased selling prices, as any increase will be swallowed up in increased labour costs.

If however, they want to grow and make a reasonable number of frames a week then they need to be equipped to do it efficiently. That’s what Timberweld was designed for: fabricating flush sashes just as efficiently as standard PVC-U frames. I believe it’s the prettiest solution by far and is the most productive solution available to enable fabricators to achieve their full potential of the flush sash market.

Yours sincerely

Alan Burgess
Managing Director, Timberweld®

Duchy Investments(Timberweld)

Timberweld® is a patented method of welding PVC-U frames which creates an authentic timber butt-joint effect – on both sides of the window, inside and out. Alan Burgess (who designed the UK’s first dedicated PVC-U box sash in 1984 and is credited with creating the PVC-U sliding sash market) and Masterframe Technical Director Ray Rabett, are the innovators behind the Timberweld technology.

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