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HEGLA presents forward thinking solutions at Glasstec

glasstec stand A56 in hall 14, Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre, 23-26 October 2018

The HEGLA Group, HEGLA-HANIC and HEGLA boraident will all be exhibiting together jointly at glasstec trade fair in Düsseldorf. Visitors to Stand A56 in Hall 14, will be able to discover new technology including a new high-performance cutting system for laminated safety glass, an Autonomous Guided Vehicle system (AGV) for mobile storage racks as well as the latest developments for Industry 4.0. Laser film separation for laminated safety glass, as well as the laserbird for glass finishing will also be highlights as focus on faster, optimised solutions be-comes increasingly important.

Additionally, the non-destructive laser marking system “UniColor” and the flatbed vacuum autoclave LamiPress are set to draw a lot of interest at the show.

High-performance cutting system for laminated safety glass

“After many years of ever more demanding production cycle requirements and rapidly in-creasing competition in the glass sector, we thought it was time to take stock and look for fundamentally new approaches,” says HEGLA COO Bernhard Hötger. "HEGLA’s evolution over the last two years, has seen very positive results with products such as the new high-performance StreamLam being introduced for laminated safety glass production. "

This will be on public display for the first time at Glasstec where its faster capabilities will demonstrate a 30% improved output than other conventional production line solutions.

Intuitive user interface, digitalisation and networking

A special section of the stand will be dedicated to Industry 4.0, with the HEGLA team provid-ing insights into the company’s goals and its future vision. An intuitive operating concept will be on display via the RAPIDLINE which will demonstrate improved, more user friendly communication between man and machine.

HEGLA-HANIC will also be demonstrating its modern manufacturing execution system (MES), where the data of networked systems can be integrated, easily clarifying the production schedule to simplify control and planning for operatives.

Self-driving AGVs as components of the Smart Factory

The vision of a Smart Factory and a new generation of shop floor logistics is at the centre of the scenario involving so-called Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) – a transport solution for mobile storage racks, A and L-frames. AGVs are integrated into the production software and will perform logistical tasks, between the cutting lines and the downstream processing for example giving high flexibility on the production line.

“With the HEGLA AVGs forming an integral part of the control system routes and orders can easily be adapted – either via system control or by the operator.”

Laser film cutting and precise laminated safety glass model cutting

The RapidLam cutting machine for laminated safety glass, will be a key feature at the show with HEGLA’s patented laser film cutting technology on exhibition as a developmental trial.

Patented technology leap in the manufacture of laminated glass and laminated safety glass

The showcase for HEGLA will be placed on manufacturing laminated glass and laminated safety glass via the LamiPress, which will be exhibited alongside Fotoverbundglas Marl GmbH and TU Darmstadt.

With short cycle times from just 40 minutes, this innovative system solution can process a variety of glass types including float, toughened, tempered and thin glass as well as special purpose glass. The LamiPress provides flexible options for special lamination processes, with different glass types, interlayering and various laminate thickness that can all be combined together in a batch.

Higher value creation through laser-assisted glass finishing

For the first time, the HEGLA exhibition space will include exhibits from HEGLA boraident. The laser experts will demonstrate the enhanced laserbird which can apply coatings to pro-duce smart glass with features such as better mobile radio wave permeability and active bird protection.

The laserbird’s strengths include the non-destructive removal of coatings at the edge, which satisfies even the high demands of structural glazing, which can also be used to produce decorative effects as well as bespoke solutions for individual customer requirements.

Steve Goble, Managing Director HEGLA UK Ltd, “As a global glass industry show Glass-tec will be the ideal venue for key decision makers in the glass sector to see first hand, the key advantages of the products in the HEGLA group range and how these will improve efficiency for their business.”

Come and visit the HEGLA team at glasstec in Hall 14, Stand A56.

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