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National Home Security Month (NHSM), taking place in October aims to raise awareness around the importance of home security. With the demands of daily life often taking over, home security is easily overlooked but to safeguard your home, family and belongings it’s increasingly important to seriously consider home security.

During the darker months, there’s a recorded 20% increase in home burglaries with a staggering 30% of all burglars gaining access through an open or unlocked window or door. Of course, this is easily remedied by introducing a basic home security routine of locking all windows and doors whenever you leave the house and especially at night but with domestic burglary on the rise by more than 30% - it’s vital to introduce additional security measures. Throughout October, NHSM will cover crucial security topics each week including home security measures – predominantly focusing on window and door locks as well as how to safe-guard valuables inside your home. Official supporters of NHSM 2018, Quickslide are industry leaders in high-quality windows and doors specialising in bespoke, design-led windows and doors fitted with pioneering security features.

Tom Swallow, Sales & Marketing Director at Quickslide commented: “Usually the first thing a buyer considers is aesthetics, closely followed by security, then price.”

Quickslide have shared their top 5 home security tips, which are easy to implement and should be considered alongside NHSM’s weekly focuses throughout October to protect your home and family:

  1. Change all locks and tumblers when you move into a new home or if you lose a set of keys.
  2. Don’t leave spare keys in obvious places such as under a doormat or plant-pot – this will be the first place that an intruder will look.
    *Top Tip: Wrap your spare key in foil and bury it in an easy to locate place.
  3. If your door hinges are located on the exterior of your home, reset the hinges to the inside – this will make forced entry much more difficult.
  4. Avoid spring-latch locks, these are easy targets for ‘loiding’ experts who are skilled in pushing a plastic card against the lock’s latch to unlock doors.
    *Good to Know: Quickslide’s composite doors are fitted with 3-star diamond Ultion locking cylinders as standard – this prevents common burglar entry methods including snapping, bumping and drilling.
  5. Before giving a spare house key to workmen or a professional cleaner, check their credentials. For added security, invest in patented keys which can only be copied with proof of ownership.

By implementing these simple, security measures in addition to NHSM’s key recommendations, you can vastly improve the security of your home and reduce the likelihood of a break-in – keeping both your home and family safe.


Yorkshire-based Quickslide is best-known for its acclaimed sliding sash windows, and the company has been instrumental in bringing this former niche product into the mainstream of the retrofit and new-build markets, but it also manufactures a wide range of other styles of windows and doors for trade and commercial customers. The company’s workforce has grown in the past 12 months with the addition of a further 10 staff and plans to expand again over the next year.

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