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New highly compact actuators Size is not an indication of performance

WMX 813 and WMX 814 window actuators for automated natural ventilation

Small, but visibly smarter. The new WMX 813 and WMX 814 window actuators for automated natural ventilation feature advanced technology and versatility in the most compact housing in the market. The two actuators developed by WindowMaster are released today.

Today, the global clean-tech company WindowMaster launches two state-of-the-art window actuators for natural ventilation. The WMX 813 and WMX 814 were created in response to the market's demand for high-performing and compact window actuators with smart design possibilities.

Both variants of the WMX actuator are built with optional MotorLink® and TrueSpeedTM for accurate positioning and feedback. The features allow the actuators to run completely silent and in sync. Several motor lines are capable of running with the exact same pre-programmed speed with opening only 1mm per second to obtain a soundless, synchronized effect that causes minimum disturbance of the building occupants and maximum aesthetics in the façade.

Good things come in small packages

Both actuator variants are some of the smallest ever on the market. The first variant, WMX 813, is integrated in the window profile and will be instantaneously suitable for some specific profiles already known in the building industry. However, with customized bracketry, more profiles will be appropriate for this compact WindowMaster actuator allowing them to take advantage of the multiple and unique features that WindowMaster technology offers.

The most well-suited windows for this actuator are bottom hung, inward opening windows, which makes the actuator highly relevant for the market concerned with building smooth surfaces and invisible natural ventilation.

The WMX 814, which is mounted on to the window frame, is one of the smallest surface actuators available, providing fresh air to the built environment while maintaining the aesthetics of the façade design.

The housings will come in natural anodized aluminum as well as black anodized aluminum and will open up to a new palette for WindowMaster with attention to high-end design and functionality combined in one product group.

The actuators are suitable both for replacement of old actuators in projects in need of maintenance and service and for new building projects. Similarly, both actuators feature the same chip and intelligence, allowing them to run silently, while giving the user a high degree of control. They are designed to be small, versatile, and ideal for concealed natural ventilation and smooth façade designs.

First customer shipment is slated for Q4 2018.

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