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Incarnation defies summer lull with soaring secondary sales

Director, Paul Bygrave

Defying typical trends in secondary glazing, up-and-coming manufacturer Incarnation is enjoying a surge in leads and sales.

Traditionally, interest in secondary glazing is strong throughout the winter months, when improving thermal efficiency and cutting energy bills is very much on people’s minds, but then drops off during the summer.

This year, however, Incarnation is bucking that trend – something Director Paul Bygrave is attributing to increased awareness that secondary glazing is more than just a one-trick pony.

“Once, secondary glazing was often written off as a niche product only suited to a few very specific contexts. Most notably, it’s known for use on conservation properties – and there’s no question, secondary excels in that context.

“But now, there’s a growing appreciation that there’s a lot more to secondary than that. Secondary glazing is one of – if not the most – versatile fenestration types in existence.

“Old or new, residential or commercial, cost-conscious or big-budget, it can bring outstanding thermal and acoustic performance to virtually any project or property.”

Today, Incarnation offers two complete secondary glazing suites – the Classic Collection, and the Optimum Collection.

The Classic Collection is aimed squarely at the domestic and heritage markets, featuring an extensive array of ultra-slim profiles to suit virtually any style.

All Classic units are available with three outer frame options, easily identified on Incarnation’s recently revamped order forms. They offer a glazing capacity of up to 6.4mm for acoustic projects and can be fitted with discrete locking hardware.

Optimum, on the other hand, is specifically designed for large-scale and commercial projects, and is increasingly in demand. Incarnation also offers a best-in-class Deluxe option.

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