Letter to the Editor coloured profile in the heat

Managing Director Deceuninck UK & Ireland, Rob McGlennon

Dear Ian

According to the Met Office, since 2002 we’ve had nine of the 10 hottest years in the last 100. Climate change scientists say this summer’s heatwave could soon be the norm.

We’re sweltering! But, how are your foiled and colour windows, doors and conservatories? Some say, not so well. There’s been more of the usual crop of problems from people cutting corners and ignoring systems companies’ (Syscos) prudent recommendations.

Some cut corners and risk it. But when the weather warms they get problems. As the US billionaire Warren Buffet says, it’s only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked.

A letter isn’t the place to go into detail of problems or solutions, but like other Syscos, Deceuninck’s relevant recommendations cover proper storage and manufacturing practice, proper reinforcement – and proper foiled reinforcement parameters. Syscos spend a lot on testing their windows and doors for a reason! If, and I’m sure other systems companies say the same, Deceuninck windows are not reinforced with Deceuninck reinforcement, there is no Deceuninck warranty. Fabricators who use non-specified reinforcement take a risk, but they shoulder that risk themselves.

Our recommendations are included in our ‘Technical Guide - welding uPVC window profiles’; our ‘Technical Guide - correct design and use of coloured PVC profiles for windows and front doors’; ‘The use of reinforcement not supplied by System Suppliers’ - BPF Windows Group (June 18); and in ‘Cleaning and Care of PVC windows’. I recommend fabricators and installers read these and other systems company recommendations carefully to avoid problems.

Follow these recommendations and sleep easy. I’m not being glib, but a few people have drawn the wrong conclusions from the problems they’re suffering, blaming colour and foiled frames. But if you skip reinforcement or don’t use enough, or use different reinforcement from that specified, or leave profile out in the sun in poorly ventilated transparent wrapping; or go beyond the maximum frame size, or don’t follow correct installation instructions, for example, you will have trouble. It’s just a question of where, when and how much.

Blaming colour and the climate is like Buffet’s naked bathers blaming the tide! Homeowners have fallen for colour in a big way. Colour is growing fast in Britain, but we’re only now catching up with the Continent where most countries are ahead of the UK.

Deceuninck is ahead of the market with many Deceuninck fabricators selling a high proportion of colour. Most of our largest fabricators are already over 50% colour and we expect our foiled and colour sales to hit 60% at year end. We are No 1 for colour and go out of our way to help Deceuninck fabricators and installers sell colour because demand is strong, and it’s an attractive market.

Do it right and you’ll do well with colour. Colour shouldn’t be a problem. If it is, call me: Deceuninck fabricators and installers are fully #ColourEnabled.


Rob McGlennon
Managing Director Deceuninck UK & Ireland


Founded in 1937, Deceuninck is one of the world’s major PVC-U window and door systems companies. Deceuninck has been established for over 30 years in the UK, with production, distribution and head office in Calne, Wiltshire. It is in the top three in most major world markets, and is a leader in innovation, sustainability, colour and design.

Deceuninck products are premium brand, highly rated by homeowners for appearance and kerbside appeal. As a committed innovator, Deceuninck aims to make better quality, more energy efficient products to help its fabricator customers sell more at improved margins.

Deceuninck is known for its ‘pretty’ windows with inbuilt symmetry and clean sightlines. Its Heritage Window Collection helps fabricators and installers stand out in the market with a choice of beautiful Flush Sash, Chamfered and Sculptured windows and doors. The award-winning Heritage Flush Sash (G17 Product of the Year) replicates the look of traditional timber windows and complements all types of homes, from period cottages to modern townhouses. Deceuninck’s sliding patio door, Slider24, is the best in the market for energy efficiency, security, weather performance and 26 colourways from stock, of course. No other slider comes close.

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