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Why Preventative Maintenance Contracts Will Save You Money

Steve Powell, Managing Director, Bystronic glass UK

As with any technical purchase the investment in guarantees to maintain optimum performance of our most prized possessions, always provides the best reassurances that the product will last. In the glass industry it is exactly the same with the reliability of the Bystronic glass and HEGLA machinery brands repeatedly mentioned by customers when making initial or subsequent investments in equipment.

For any company when purchasing modern machinery there is great peace of mind to know that money spent on Preventative Maintenance Contracts, will ensure that production output can be maintained. Just like a car having its annual service, keeping expensive machinery working well will bring a faster ROI.

Modern businesses rely on their core investments to run perfectly and with the right training and regular servicing on the machinery from Bystronic glass and HEGLA tehchnicians, then these will generally exceed customer expectations, according to Steve Powell, Managing Director, Bystronic glass UK.

“It is infuriating if there is an inopportune failure on any one of the machines, but this is more likely to occur without staff being properly trained or without engineers providing regular servicing noone would drive on the roads if they were unsure the car would make the journey so they get it serviced. It is exactly the same with the range of technically advanced machinery we offer to optimise performance it needs regular maintenance.”

According to Steve, the advantages of routine maintenance are obvious and access to emergency repairs should the worst happen, is essential if a company is to stay ahead and be taken to the next level.

“Cost savings will be made over the life of the machine and although some companies may feel uncertain about paying up front when preventative repairs are not necessarily needed initially, it is highly likely that a contractual agreement will save a company money in the long run in terms of spares and service.

Knowing that a company’s operatives fully understand how to achieve a high level of production performance with their machinery is one half of the battle and generally, after training by Bystronic and HEGLA engineers, they will be able to spot if spares and consumables will be needed and when. The investment in the machinery itself is significant so it is only natural that processors want as long a life as possible out of the systems installed.”

By sticking to routine preventative maintenance programmes, main components and wear parts will be rigorously inspected which should eliminate serious issues before any major problems arise.

Steve continues, “There is less likelihood of a machinery failure through regular servicing and it will retain its performance at peak capacity. Parts are also less likely to create bigger problems down the line with a preventative maintenance contract.”

Planning a dedicated service schedule is an important part of the customer services, as the Bystronic glass and HEGLA after sales team help to manage the maintenance programmes for customers. “We understand that there are plenty of jobs around the production floor that compete for time and attention and calling to book in a service is probably not high on the agenda, when looking at the general day to day running of the business. As a business partner we integrate with our customers and keep track of how things are running, if there any areas in production that could create issues we can spot this and we make regular contact to ensure that machinery services are scheduled to keep things running smoothly.”

In an emergency even the most experienced production floor managers may run into a panic situation. Getting production back up and running is always a priority for the engineering team. The highly skilled technicians understand that should the worst happen then time is of the essence.

Bystronic glass is a division of a global company that has a simple message of putting the customer first. Customers have developed a trust and they notice the level of commitment given to help them achieve their goals. The whole company is driven to place customer satisfaction as a priority and according to Steve Powell, in relation to service boasts a greater range of services than any other company.

Steve Powell concludes, “Our engineers build relationships with customers to ensure that they are familiar with how a business is run and fully understand the most crucial aspects in relation to the output and the production flow. Being familiar with the layout of a factory and the production methods used is so beneficial for both parties and our customers appreciate that.”

To learn more about the Bystronic glass and HEGLA brands or to discuss Preventative Maintenance Contracts please call 01952 677971

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