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London landmark revitalised with help from illbruck

Temperature House at Kew Gardens

Renovations at a world-famous London landmark have been completed with help from sealant, tape and adhesive specialists illbruck.

Kew Gardens is known around the globe for its phenomenal collection of over 30,000 rare plant species – many of which are showcased in its mammoth-sized Temperate House, the biggest greenhouse in the world.

That greenhouse has recently undergone a comprehensive refurbishment – and illbruck sealant products played an integral role in making that happen.

“This wasn’t a minor project,” comments illbruck Product Manager David Naylor. “It involved taking the structure right back to the bare metal and starting again from scratch.

“The Temperate House protects some of the rarest plants in the world, and welcomes millions of visitors every year, and that demanded the very highest performance.

“That’s why we recommended FS125, our one-part, neutral curing silicone sealant. Its longevity, durability and excellent primer-less adhesion made it an ideal choice for use on either side of each roof truss, ensuring that rain water runs off the glass and down drainage channels.

“The iron trusses themselves received a new coat of paint as part of the refurbishment process, and the stone grey FS125 was closely colour-matched to blend in as much as possible.

“It was hugely rewarding to help revitalise such an iconic building, and we hope we can collaborate with Kew Gardens on similar projects in future!”

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