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Foundations to grow on

The ethos at the Fenestration News is one of communicating the news and views from around the industry. There is always a sales bias, after all the trade media is essentially a tool for growing sales. To that end the focus has always been towards providing the facilities for those that could be termed the movers and shakers (shapers) that make this industry happen for them to create options.

We provide an indication as to how one entity might be shaping up to another by providing insight into how much interest the wider audience has in the media releases the industry provides. That comes in the shape of our page view count contained on the info page.

These little snippets are becoming more and more important in mapping out a direction, particularly in a ‘lean’ world. In the short time the Fenestration News has existed the amount of companies involved in the industry has receded close on 50% with no sign of any new blood arriving to take up the challenge. Yes, that means those that are left have seen growth, but it could be reasoned, its growth from lack of choice rather than market stimulation.

As a further insight for those marketeers out there, the activities of the Fenestration News for June showed some 150,000 arrivals to our news sections searching out inspiration for their next project. A chunk of that coming direct from internet searches. (For those interested into what is being searched for a .csv file is available for download at the bottom of this item.)

With search in mind and for those of you with the responsibility of assembling a media releases for distribution, it is clear that unless terms/phrases have been heavily marketed to create meaning they have no meaning. Most people search for items of interest in plain English, meaning innovative names and handles get lost on the wider audience. Logically, talking in terms that are readily understandable causes greater interest. Sometimes it is possible in SEO parlance for the Fenestration News to promote the relevant keyword terms necessary for a good all-round internet viewing, particularly when they are provided as a separate note. We can sometimes guess what the keywords should be, or as part of the automated process strip these from the heading and the company name. The internet means that in not thinking in those terms is to throw away effort and opportunity. Its also one of those small considerations that moves one story ahead of another.

We are now influenced by a snap-shot world. A glance at a title, the first few words of a sentence then, if a viewer is not drawn in, they are off to the next item. You could reason social media started it. However, choosing that outlet as the sole route for new sales and the situation becomes more-dire, it was built for friends to chat – for the throw away comment among friends. If a company can accept their viewer base (followers) is also their only target for new sales, they have on a good day just 20 minutes viewing exposure before a well-crafted snippet is lost to the ether – effective? Mind you with such a small audience there is still the phone. Likewise, a news release that for the most part doesn’t take into account, its audience, its target and delivery platform will underperform as well.

The wider internet is a history store that doesn’t get deleted, it just needs the right terms (search) to find it.

In a nutshell a company can grow itself if it focuses on how its potential customer is viewing them. At the Fenestration News we are guided by the material supplied, mostly brilliant, of interest, but crafted for the printed page. So, sometimes it needs a few added nuances to achieve full potential and exposure.

Words still paint pictures, but it is a bit like the tree falling in a forest, if there is no one there does it make a sound. (My apologies to anyone who was around to hear the original quote). There also then the search engine where it is an algorithm that defines its meaning.

Download - June_Search.csv

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