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TruFrame s 5 colours in 5 days

Despite the recent rhetoric for “new thinking” towards coloured uPVC window supply, TruFrame have been offering a 5-day service for foiled products since 2013. Today, the company continues to support their customers by offering these impressive lead times on an even wider range of colours, whilst backing up their promises with world class On-Time-In-Full service levels.

‘Though the market demand for uPVC profiles in an ever-increasing number of colour options has never been in doubt, the product complexity and requirement for foiled-on-white and foiled-both-sides means that most fabricators offer foiled products on extended lead times,’ explains TruFrame director Patrick Firmager.

For the past five years, TruFrame customers have benefitted from being able to order all foiled options for rosewood, golden oak and anthracite grey on the same lead time as white uPVC – just 5 days. In addition, the company’s 7-day lead time offering encompasses smooth ivory, white foil, cream foil, black foil, Chartwell Green and Irish Oak.

Elsewhere in the Liniar range is an even wider range of colour options offered on a longer lead time, due to the profile needing to be foiled to order. As market demand shifts in line with consumer trends, TruFrame will again look to adopt shorter lead times on new foils as popularity increases, ensuring that customers always have easy access to the next “in” colour.

Patrick added that: ‘Our 5-day service for both white uPVC and high demand colour options is something that our customers value and take full advantage of, as it can be the defining factor between winning or losing a job. Our commitment to delivering high quality hand-finished products when we say we will, gives our customers the confidence to actively promote foiled products.’

With desire for foiled windows and doors every increasing, the way in which colour is sold must also evolve. Today’s homeowners want to see exactly what it is they’re buying, which is why TruFrame’s innovative QuoteBuilder tool provides fully-representative and photorealistic visualisations of every product, in every colour combination available. Going to such length demonstrates competency and transparency to homeowners, whilst generating qualified leads for TruFrame’s installation partners.

TruFrame Ltd

TruFrame is one of the top five largest manufacturers of uPVC windows and doors in the UK, as well as being the only high-volume fabricator to finish every frame off by hand. This additional step in the manufacturing process is done to ensure the highest level of product quality and to provide a truly unrivalled finish.

Within their 50,000 sq foot operation, TruFrame manufactures a wide range of products from the Liniar Energy Plus system, along with a six-chamber frame for the Vista Door slab. The company also undertakes their own product development and testing programme in-house, which has already helped them realise a number of exclusive new products including the impressive Refine range of fully mechanically jointed windows.

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